can't print DVD disc label with epson printer

  fullywired23 20:36 15 Jan 2013

I am trying to print a disc label on a dvd ,my printer is a Epson stylus photo Px650 .I have the software for the job but when I drag the into the software it says "this is not a epson cd print file.but I have printed dvd labels before with no problems but I can't remember if it was with XP but I am using windows 7 now .The I want to print is a jpeg is there a way to change it to an epson print file? and if so ,how do I do it

  lotvic 22:27 15 Jan 2013

Epsom W7 drivers and Creativity Software programs make sure you have selected either 64bit or 32bit in the left box for OpSys

How to print CD/DVDs with the Stylus Photo P/PX range

  fullywired23 19:19 16 Jan 2013

Hi lotvic

Thanks for your reply .It tried your links but no joy I contacted Epson and he told me to download the latest software from their site I did that but still no joy I can't get it to work

  lotvic 20:25 16 Jan 2013

Sorry for broken link, don't know what happened there. Here it is again. ClickHere index page for Drivers and software.

Can you say what you are doing and at what point you can't get it to work? As I understand it you are wanting to print a picture straight onto a DVD, is that right?

Have you created the cover in 'Print CD' software program? as per my 2nd link (that does work) "Before you print, create the CD/DVD label data using EPSON Print CD. We only recommend using the EPSON Print CD software to print directly to CD/DVDs."

  Newuser4165 11:06 17 Jan 2013

I've had the same trouble with Win7 64bitbut have now got it working:-

Open printCd Import the picture from the file source and adjust as appropriate. Select Print - you see the message regarding driver not installed.Click OK Select Tray then ensure you select Tray 2 Click Manual Print Select your printer - mine is an R300 Check paper is selected as manual,A4 (this is the default normally) Select Properties, CD/DVD Premium Surface as Media Click Ok and OK again.

Don't forget to put a CD or DVD in the tray.

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