can't install ??

  Petesilver 22:32 16 Apr 2012

downloaded virtualbox and W8 iso 64bit I have burned it onto a DVD installing was going ok until I got an error message saying something about having to switch on the guest VBM in the bios ...... now i am lost I can't even find out how to get in the bios but will keep trying but if someone can help me through this step I would be greatful.....I am fairly au fait doing most things but some still baffle me

  Petesilver 22:39 16 Apr 2012

should have said the error message mentioned the reason is the as I have a AMD 4core processor this Guest something has to be switched on.......

  sharpamat 08:09 17 Apr 2012

As the post running at present " fails to install". which method did you attemp to install, Clean or Upgrade,

Where do you intend to install and run from , spare Partion, spare HD, or VD

  Petesilver 17:36 17 Apr 2012

Hi I downloaded oracle VirtualBox program and I am trying to load W8 it into that from a DVD which I burned an iso copy from microsoft website...... AS I said i can load the program until the message about allowing a guest VBM in the bios but not sure how to do this, so just looking for some assistance.

  sharpamat 08:43 18 Apr 2012

Wish you luck . I have never used the VD method myself. I had ample space on my drive, and made a new partion soley for Win 8, A clean install to that partion was easy,giving duel boot. and removing was also easy leaving my system problem free

  Petesilver 14:57 18 Apr 2012

ok thanks does it automatically install duel boot

  sharpamat 15:51 18 Apr 2012

Yes Duel Boot is automatically installed, this will then be displayed on startup with the option to choose which version to boot From.

Myself I choose Win 7 defaut will more likely be Win 8

You can also alter the timer which allows the time between startup and default auto selection

Removal of win 8 is easy just Format the partion

  Petesilver 22:13 21 Apr 2012

Tried to load W8 onto a separate partition ( its a slow download for me 5+ hours) but it seem to go ok but when I tried to install it all seemed to go fine when I got a message it could not install, so a lot of wasted time so I give up and will wait for its proper release maybe, but I get the feeling its just geared to touch screen so I suppose I might as well stay with W7. But thanks for all your help.......................

  sharpamat 07:04 22 Apr 2012

You have alreaady stated you have burned Win 8 to a Dvd. It is not needed to Download again to the new partion you have made only to install it, this should not take 5 Hours. To install Win 8 boot your computer with the Win 8 Dvd in the drive.

Watch for the option and select boot from DVD

When the drivers have loaded select the option for clean install and allow it to start

You will then get the option to select the drive you wish to install to, select the new partion you have created.

I have used this method several times and installation has not taken that long

Are you sure your system is able to Run Win 8 which actually requirements are almost the same as Win 7

  Petesilver 13:22 22 Apr 2012

yes my system is compatible as I ran the microsoft test and I think the image I burned got corrupted somehow and when I tried to do another copy from the download it would not let me as it kept telling me my dvd needed a driver but it does work properly but I did a complete check on it to make sure it was working correctly. So I am so confused I think I will give it a rest and maybe try again another day.

  sharpamat 08:13 23 Apr 2012

It may well be a fauly DVD rather than the file you downloaded.Try running Checkk disc the the file option ticked.This may well then allow you to burn another DVD, Saving you the time involved in downloading the Image again

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