Bertie B 17:43 21 Jul 2007

I have just purchased a laptop using Vista Home Premium [Confusing enough after 4 years with XP!!]and on connecting it to my ethernet wired network it readily connected to the internet via the NETGEAR ADSL Modem/Router. However, I can't get either computer to see the files on the other as on the vista laptop the network appears to be called WORKGROUP and on my XP PC it is called HOMENET. I've discovered that I needed to install some software on the XP machine so that it can be seen by Vista and after that, when I replan the network on the vista laptop my old pc is shown but I can't see any of the files and I can't see the printer attached to the XP PC either. All sharing is enabled!

Any suggestions please?

  Ashrich 23:08 21 Jul 2007

No need to install any other software , simply change the network name in either Vista or XP to make sure they are the same . In Vista , right click on Computer icon on desktop , select properties , then " advanced system settings " click on the " computer name " tab , then click on " change " , that will allow you to change the network name to " MSHOME " to make it the same as XP , and make sure that it is put into a " private network " setting otherwise no network files or folders will be visible .


  Ashrich 23:11 21 Jul 2007

Forgot to say , for the printer , go into the printer properties , ( start/settings/printers , right click on your selected printer , select " properties , look under the " sharing " tab , and opt to share the printer .


  Bertie B 10:39 22 Jul 2007


Thanks for that. I've already sorted out all that you suggest but whilst I can see both computers in the network plan I can only click on the Laptop. Can't click on the old XP PC Icon fom the Laptop.



  Demora 09:46 23 Jul 2007

Thanks for the info Ashley. I had the same problem.

My Desktop PC Running win xp pro asks for a password to connect to vista laptop. My Toshiba xphome will connect to anything thats chucked at it.

These forums are great.


  Bertie B 10:37 23 Jul 2007

After a weekend of nashing of teeth I've finally solved the problem. Having enabled file sharing on both Visa Laptop and XP PC, all of which failed, I found that the Norton Security which came with the laptop was restricting the network.

Simple as that!!!!

Thanks to all for help!

  Demora 12:49 23 Jul 2007

Day one of Owning laptop with vista I removed Norton on first boot up. There are free security programmes out there which are less hungry on memory etc.


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