Cant get Vista Home premium to work correctly

  tobyjug472002 11:51 13 Sep 2007

Just bought a new Acre T180 PC with Vista home premium pre-installed, and its got me that wound up i want my XP Back...if i take the 40GB Hard Drive out of my Old PC ( i have an OS Disk) and plonk it in the Acer T180, will it run, anyone know, then if it will anyone want a very cheap 250 GB HD with Vista Premium pre-installed it will be going for next to nothing, ive had PC's for over 4 years but i admit defeat with Vista Home Premium... a friend has the Vista Basic, no problems at all, any ideas people on swapping the Hard Drives, will it work?
I'm bald, pulled my hair out with Vista Premium, terrible OS!

  ventanas 12:12 13 Sep 2007

No it won't work, it will have all the wrong drivers and heaven knows what else on it. And it will probably be IDE. Most new machines are SATA.

What problems are you having anyway, far better to sort these than to revert to an obsolete system.

  tobyjug472002 14:18 13 Sep 2007

a simple task like moving a junk file to recycle bin requires administrators password, everything i do its password protected, i know Vista is so security conscious but its taking the mick.. why cant you just store the passwords like you can on previous OS's.... ive lost it with Vista, like i said in my earlier post a friend has the Vista Basic, but Vista premium is an absolute nightmare...4 days solid and still cant save passwords?


  tullie 14:56 13 Sep 2007

Turn off UAC
Mind you,i am not asked for passwords as you describe.

  ventanas 15:04 13 Sep 2007

I don't think it's UAC that is the problem here (and I certainly wouldn't recommend turning it off, it's there for a reason) How has your user account been set up. Although administrators always run as standard users in Vista, they will not be asked for the admin password, just permission to continue, but a standard user will be. I would check your credentials.

I would also recommend a good text book on how Vista works, and how to use it. You may just get a pleasant surprise when you have learned a thing or two. Don't try using it blind, it's very different from XP.

  norman47 15:41 13 Sep 2007

" if i take the 40GB Hard Drive out of my Old PC ( i have an OS Disk) and plonk it in the Acer T180, will it run "

If you boot from the XP disk and do a repair, it just might.

I formatted my system with Vista home premium 4 days ago. I ran it for around 3 months. I started by turning UAC off to stop the nagging. All ran fairly well till a few new up dates and trying to install new software. It gradually went downhill after a few weeks. System hanging, memory dumps, disk checking on frequent bootup occasions that could take 15 minutes reassigning files, not having permission to see or use files with UAC off and me the only user, system shuting down and rebooting at a drop of a hat and loosing all work. The list is endless. this on a new dedicated vista machine with 2Gb of ram.

XP runs like a dream:-)

  tullie 15:58 13 Sep 2007

theres no problem turning off UAC,i know many people that have done just that,what problem to you envisage?

  ventanas 16:31 13 Sep 2007

Just a personal opinion, I understand why its there, and what its purpose is. Once you get used to it the niggles are few.

If you think you are better off with it turned off that is fine. But I have read a number of (expert) opinions that are certain that you should not, noteably Ed Bott.

  skidzy 18:53 13 Sep 2007

I have UAC disabled,however im the only user of this machine and see everything thats goes onto the machine and what comes off.

Though i would also recommend keeping UAC enabled if the system is used by more than one person,especially children.

UAC is there for a help protect you !


I would have to agree with ventanas; " I would check your credentials"

Try activating the hidden Vista super user account.

Do so at your own risk,UAC will not prompt you anymore !!click here

  Riojaa 21:33 13 Sep 2007

Turn it off,mate.

  norman47 21:47 13 Sep 2007

the computer, vista or UAC;))

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