Cant figure out how to get WiFI going

  spiderplant0 22:42 03 May 2014

I plugged in my Linklsys USB Network Adpater. It appears under: Control Panel / network & Internet / Network Connections And is indicates that the signal is strong. I right mouse click on it and select Connect/Disconnect A blue panel slides in from the RHS of the screen. It says: Networks. View Connection Settings. No connections are available. I click 'view connection settings', It says 'Not connected' - so I click on that which takes me to a page of properties. What I am looking for is the button for "CONNECT TO THIS ADAPTER".

What is frustrating is that there is no clear indication if Windows 8 cant deal with the adapter or if I just havent got to the settings page for the adapter.

Under Properties > Configure, it says it is working properly and the driver is upto date. I also clicked 'Diagnose' but it couldn't identify the problem (though I dont know if there is a problem).

I tried the same thing on a windows 7 PC in the same room and it worked fine. I dont have WPS.

Could someone please tell me what is supposed to happen when I plug in an adapter or what the likely problem is.

I'm on windows 8.1

  BRYNIT 00:03 04 May 2014

You say you have plugged in a Linksys USB Network adaptor but you do not say what the make and model of your router is? Do you have a router?

  spiderplant0 18:58 04 May 2014

It is a Linksys wireless-G WUSB54GS version 2.1

When I try it out on a windows 7 pc in the same room it connects to the router and the internet fine.

  rdave13 20:48 04 May 2014

Check Linksys help and support page for the dongle, there might be a different driver for Win 8.1. I had to with a TP-LINK dongle.

  spiderplant0 21:30 04 May 2014

rdave13, thanks. I reinstalled the driver from linksys. It didnt work. It is quite an old adapter so linksys have probably forgotten about it a ling time ago.

I really wanted someone to confirm that what I was doing in my original post looked ok (i.e. windows 8 cant deal with the device rather than me missing a step somewhere) as I am not sure how windows 8 is supposed to respond when you plug an wife device in. If yes, I will go an d buy a newer device.

  rdave13 21:42 04 May 2014

Was the driver specifically for Win 8? You are lucky. When I installed the TP-LINK adapter with the wrong drivers it created a blue screen. If I hadn't enabled F8 for safe mode, to uninstall the drivers, I would have had to restore to an image to get over the problem. I would be wary to continue unless you know the driver is for 8. Check device manager to see if any errors.

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