Can't Cut & Paste From 'Word' into Forums.

  Nick.A 17:47 29 Jun 2014

I can’t cut and paste from ‘Word’ into some forums, though I can into this PC Advisor forum.

On my old e-machine with XP installed I could cut and paste from ‘Word’ into all forums, but not with my current computer.

My computer is a reconditioned Dell 755 with Windows 7 Home Premium installed.

  lotvic 18:56 29 Jun 2014

Explain to us what happens that makes you say "can’t cut and paste from ‘Word’ into some forums"

  Nick.A 19:38 29 Jun 2014

Hi Lotvic,

There is this forum I’m a member of, and when I want to post a reply to a thread I usually type it all out in ‘Word’ first, then cut from ‘Word’ and try to paste into the forum’s reply box/window, but when I right click the mouse in the reply box of the forum, the paste button in the popup menu is not highlighted but faint, and won’t work. In the edit tab at the top of the page the cut, copy, and past buttons are all not highlighted but faint too, and won’t work.

I have no problems with cutting and pasting into this forum though.

  tullie 21:09 29 Jun 2014

What about copy and paste?

  lotvic 22:26 29 Jun 2014

"the paste button in the popup menu is not highlighted but faint"

If the Paste button is faint (greyed out):

To me this means that there is nothing on the clipboard so when you thought you cut or copied it - it didn't actually copy.

Test this out by pasting into notepad.

  lotvic 22:33 29 Jun 2014

If in the edit tab at the top of the page the cut, copy, buttons are greyed out, that means that you have not selected (highlighted) any text. They will become active (bold black) once you select something on the page. Same for the Paste button it will only show active (bold black) if there is something on the clipboard.

  Nick.A 23:24 29 Jun 2014

Hi lotvic & tullie,

I highlight the text in ‘Word’ then cut or copy. In ‘Office Writer’ it pastes just fine as it does in this forum, but it doesn’t in the other forum I’m a member of.

Could it have something to do with ‘active X’, or ‘Compatibility View’? I’ve little understanding of what these things do or mean, but I’m just throwing out some ideas.

  lotvic 23:57 29 Jun 2014

There are known issues, does your paste problem fit with these two? firefox

and for Internet Explorer 11

  Nick.A 12:19 22 Jul 2014

Yes it does, lotvic. I did not try their suggestions for I have internet explorer and not Firefox etc.

I have solved the problem though by adding the forum web site I can’t cut, or copy, and paste to, to my ‘compatibility view’ list, by clicking Tools / Compatibility View settings / then clicking the add button for the web site highlighted in the ‘Add this website:’ box.

Sometimes I have to redo adding the site, or add other sites I’m copying from.

Thanks everyone for trying to help.

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