Cant access anything on my HD after 8.1 upgrade

  yamman 21:17 15 Feb 2014

I upgraded to Windows 8 last year. Wasn't very impressed with it, tiles didn't work and generally dissapointed. (Microsoft absolutely no help at all) Thought the 8.1 might solve the issues, but got nothing when clicking on the "Update Here" etc. Helpful tech guy at Microsoft, said no problem I can do that for you. However, since then,2 days ago, I have no desktop, no access to HD/Control Panel/My Computer etc and intermittent access to the internet. Message reads "The Server Process could not be started because the configured identity is incorrect.Check the username and password". But I have to enter them to log onto my PC. Microsoft Help now want "Premium Subscription" to put things right

  aquatarkus 15:38 16 Feb 2014

Interested to know who you actually contacted at Microsoft,or did you receive a phone call from someone saying they were from Windows Support?

Regards Aquatarkus

  yamman 15:57 16 Feb 2014

Hi, no this was through the Microsoft Answer Desk.(Perhaps a random caller would have been more helpful, ha)

  yamman 16:43 16 Feb 2014

The following is a transcript of the second Tech guy

phone. Ask Juphil G to call me.

Loading, please wait.

Your Answer Tech {name} has ended your chat session. Thanks for visiting Answer Desk.

Your Answer Tech {name} has ended your chat session. Thanks for visiting Answer Desk.

The Answer Tech that you have chosen has started a session with another customer. We're connecting you to the next available Answer Tech.

Hi, thanks for visiting Answer Desk. I'm 'Juphil G'.

Juphil G: 21:08:00
Hello there! how can I help you with your Windows and Office today?

Can you verify your first and last name please.

You: 21:08:02
HI Jupil


Juphil G: 21:08:32
Thank you, in case we get disconnect can you verify your phone number and your email address please.

You: 21:08:51
Sorry, Juphil!

[email protected]

Juphil G: 21:09:56
Thank you Axxxxx, how can I help you today?

You: 21:10:56
Xerben A managed to upgrade my PC to 8.1, however, since then, I have intermitent internet access and no desktop

Unble to access my e-mails

Juphil G: 21:11:19
What do you mean?

Can you tell me more about the issue?

What email program are you using?

You: 21:12:34
If i click on "Control Panel" or any other item, I just get a message telling me I do not have access

The configured identity is incorrect ??

Juphil G: 21:14:08
Oh I see, based on that errors that you're getting its possible that the upgrade to 8.1 did not go through properly which is the reason why you're getting this kind of problem.

You: 21:15:41

Juphil G: 21:17:01
What you can do about this issue is you can do a REFRESH of your Windows, and doing REFRESH will uninstall all the installed programs in this computer and you will have to reinstall all the problem back to your computer.

You: 21:18:19
I certainly do not want to reinstall the problems!

Juphil G: 21:19:54
I'm sorry Axxxxx but permission related issue such as not able access problem is really a complicated issue that can't be fix with simple troubleshooting, the only proper way to fix this problem is doing REFRESH.

You: 21:20:44
So how do I do a refresh?

Juphil G: 21:21:57
You may follow the link below to know more about REFRESH.

Click here

You can also try the other link below.

Click here

You: 21:25:31
Except I have no desktop or tiles so how do I follow these steps?

Juphil G: 21:26:45
Oh no, did your Windows 8 computer came pre installed with Windows?

You: 21:28:50
No, downloaded from a link

Juphil G: 21:29:15
Do you still have the Product key for your Windows 8?

You: 21:30:33
Do you have all the information from my session with Xerben A?

Juphil G: 21:31:15
Sorry Axxxx, we don't track of previous session.

You can redownload Windows 8 from the link below using your Product key.

Click here

Is there anything else?

You: 21:35:06
Where can I find the key?

Juphil G: 21:35:24
Where did you purchased your Windows 8?

You: 21:36:01
From Microsoft online

Juphil G: 21:36:27
How did you download Windows 8? You can go back to where you download Windows 8 and you will find your Product Key from there.

I would like to inform you that we are connected on a secure network. I will not be opening any of your personal files or folders. If ever you are not comfortable with the remote connection, you have the right to disconnect the remote connection right away by clicking on the Red X in the applet.

Thank you for choosing Microsoft and giving us the opportunity to assist you. It has been a pleasure working with you today. Have a good one! Before we wrap things up. I just wanted to tell you that it's loyal customers like you that help our business. So I hope you could take a moment to answer a survey with regards to the service that I have PERSONALLY provided you today. It should appear to the right of this chat window.

  yamman 17:18 16 Feb 2014

Hi, I cannot get that far. I have access to Internet Explorer, albeit random, cannot use Chrome and cannot get to anything on hard drive. Any time I try, I just get the message,"...process cannot be started because the configured identity is incorrect, check user name and password", even although I have to enter those to start.

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