Canon Scammer (sorry, Scanner) under Windows 7

  confused_alan 15:39 21 Oct 2010

Canon scanner

I too have found that my scanner (CanoScan 8000F) does not work with Windows 7 64bit.
The Microsoft compatibility website claimed that it is fully compatible; but I have found, and Canon confirmed, that it isn't - so Microsoft are telling lies here.

I read your review of VueScan which claims it provides its own driver. I have downloaded VueScan to my Windows 7 laptop, but it says there is no driver for the scanner. I have an e-mail from Ed Hamrick confirming that. Why does your review say otherwise?

Is there any way of getting my scanner working with Windows 7 64bit?

john bunyan
Thu, 21/10/[email protected]:28


Suggest you start your own thread, as this is an old one.

Thu, 21/10/[email protected]:30

confused_alan, if they haven't made drivers for 64-bit Win7 it's unlikely you'll be able to run it.

However, you could try to install older drivers in compatibility mode - similar to this click here. Not guaranteed to work, but worth a try. G

Thu, 21/10/[email protected]:34


Yes, do as john bunyan suggests about starting your own thread. G

Thu, 21/10/[email protected]:35

Canon Scammer

All the internet trawling I have done so far confirms that Canon have no intention of ever providing a useful sevice (like working drivers) to previously loyal users.

Will Canon please confirm or deny that?

There was also a long-running thread about Canon printer ink usage - was that ever resolved?

Will Canon please answer that one?

Silence should result in Canon no longer being recommended by this magazine - at least for consumers, I suppose business users are big enough to take rubbish service and support.

Shame really, the CanoScan was a nice useful device. But if Canon want to drive customers away rather than retain them, then so be it.

Can anyone recommend a new multifunction device that works with Windows 7 64bit and can scan a multipage document to a single pdf file?

  GaT7 15:59 21 Oct 2010

Did you try what I suggested in the other thread click here?

However, you could try to install older drivers in compatibility mode - similar to this click here. Not guaranteed to work, but worth a try. G

  john bunyan 16:30 21 Oct 2010

There are updated drivers for windows 7 for this scanner from the Canon site
click here

You will find that to use the Twain scan settings you have to use the 32 bit version of your software as the 64 bit only has the WIA interface. I have a Canonscan 8800f, and use it with Photoshop CS5. This latter installs in 32 and 64 bit versions, so I just launch the 32 bit version for scanning with the TWAIN interface.
I also have a Canon MP640 that has the same situation. MS Office 2007 has a Pdf option so you could use Word, and convert. Do not give up!!

  john bunyan 16:35 21 Oct 2010

maybe the link:
click here
is for W7. W7 64 bit also is fine to run 32 bit applications - programmes are filed in C:/Programme Files(x86)

  a member 17:10 21 Oct 2010

the correct driver for windows 7 32bit is named 8000fvst8120a_xpen.exe
do a search for it ,also,install the software from the above link (last post from john bunyan) and it should work for you , use the 32bit versions of the software only . you may have to go into the software(x86) folder and locate the software and copy the shortcut for start icon for the software .to your desktop ,but it should then work ok .

  Jwbjnwolf 17:31 21 Oct 2010

If you have even bigger problems win win7, give Linux a go
It's worth a go, If you like it then trust me, you will be thankful that you switched,
I most certainly are, and their is this great programme called Virtualbox which enables you to Install windows on for your windows only programmes
trust me, if windows breaks Linux will not
If you type 'Windows vs Linux' in google images and that will show what happens to windows.

  john bunyan 17:38 21 Oct 2010

What is that to do with the scanner issue?

  GaT7 17:54 21 Oct 2010

jwarn, instead of preaching about Linux in an unrelated thread why don't you do so in a more relevant & constructive manner - as an example see this thread click here by member Last Chip some time ago.

Apparently those types of threads belong in the Consumerwatch section of the forum click here, so post it there. Can't guarantee if the Forum Editor will let it run, & especially if it turns into a Linux vs Windows war. G

  john bunyan 18:52 21 Oct 2010

You seem to post about Linux on many threads as Crossbow7 points out.
click here

I suggest yo try to post constructive suggestions rather than promoting a different OS.

  confused_alan 11:19 22 Oct 2010

Thanks for the advice (and for pointing other readers to this new thread, I forgot to do that!).

I think I have already tried 32bit drivers downloaded or installed in compatibility mode etc, but I'm willing to believe that I may have got something wrong along the way. I am using an Administrator User Account but the driver did not seem to install. Should I try to clean up any residue from previous attempts before I have another go? If so, where should I look?

I believe that I should use compatibility mode (which one - Vista, 7 32bit, XP?) to download and then install the driver; it should then run o.k. under Windows 7 64bit. Is that right?

  confused_alan 11:22 22 Oct 2010

I also noticed that your recent review of VueScan said it was ideal for incompatible hardware like this because it would install its own driver. Well, it doesn't seem to. Any thoughts?

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