Canon N670U Scanner and Windows 7

  Peter Lanky 09:20 24 Oct 2009

I own the above scanner which Canon no longer provides a driver for. However, it has been suggested elsewhere that I should use a Vista driver, and install it using Compatibility mode.

I followed the instructions from suggested to me to get a driver for this scanner

"If it does not work on your issue, I'd suggest you installing the Vista driver in Compatibility mode. Remove and rescan that hardware device in Device Manager , right-click on the driver executable/installer file -> Properties and select the Compatibility tab; click the checkbox before Run this program in Compatibility mode for option and select Windows Vista in the list-down box; then try installing the device driver via Run as administrator."

I downloaded the Vista driver from the Canon site. I received a compressed folder called lide20lide30n670un676un1240uvst7031a_xpen.exe . Running this creates a folder of the same name containing another compressed folder called SetupSG.exe and a readme file. When I run this file in compatibility mode, something happens on screen, but it is too quick on the screen and I can't see it. However, it does not install a driver to my scanner, nor can I find a driver on my PC.

Any suggestions please?

  Peter Lanky 15:14 24 Oct 2009

I put the wrong word down. I actually meant executable (I know, there's no similarity), not compressed.

  Peter Lanky 23:19 24 Oct 2009

Canon has stated on it's website that the N670U will no longer be supported, so no help from that quarter. However, somebody on another forum has claimed that the instructions in my initial post worked for them, but despite a request from me, they have not responded. I'm hoping that if somehow, I can install Vista drivers, I can get it to work, perhaps in compatibility mode.

Checking the scanner properties on one of my XP PCs shows about a dozen or more drivers in different locations, so it's not a simple matter of copying a file from there to my W7 PC. I'm determined to make this work. It's a good scanner that's never let me down, and I don't want to spend £50 on a new one.

  Peter Lanky 10:24 25 Oct 2009

I'm using 64 bit. I'm starting to lose hope now.

I've tried copying all the relevant driver files for this scanner from an XP PC, but not a hint of working.

  MIke 19:43 28 Oct 2009

There is a program called Vuescan which might be of help to you. According to their list of compatible scanners yours is supported and doesn't need canon driver to be installed. I guess Vuescan has it's own drivers.

The following Canon scanners are supported on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, and don't need the Canon scanner drivers to be installed:

# D660U
# N670U
# N676U

It does cost $39.95 but you can download a free trial from click here.

Might be wortha try. Latest version works on Win 7

  susiepops 14:27 29 Oct 2009

It took me a while but I have succesfully used my scanner using the following from Canon's download page:


Do not forget to to disconnect the scanner when loading the software as I first did.

  Peter Lanky 13:53 30 Oct 2009

Marg7, As this is the only item that doesn't work on my new system, I don't want to move backwards to 32 bit and lose my ability to use all my 8 gig of RAM.

MIke. Vuescan does work, but of course I would have to pay around £25 to use it, and at that price, I may as well buy a new scanner, bearing in mind I would then tied to Vuescan. However, it does prove that the scanner can work in this environment, and maybe somebody will produce an appropriate driver.

Susiepops. That driver only works in 32 bit systems.

Thanks for all the contribution, which of course are still welcome.

  Peter Lanky 17:43 30 Oct 2009

Interestingly, after running Vuescan, my scanner shows as LiDe 20 in control panel, though if I click on it, it says it requires a WIA driver. Checking device manager, there are 2 files installed as drivers, c:\windows\drivers\ksthunk.sys and c:\windows\drivers\usbscan.sys. Checking the actual files, they have the same date as most of my other Windows 7 files, so I assume they were not added by Vuescan.

Another interesting point is that though Canon says it is not supporting the N670U, it is supporting the LiDe 20, which has always used the same drivers, though no new drivers have appeared on the Canon website yet. I don't understand drivers at all, but supporting one scanner but not the other seems strange if they use the same driver. Can anyone enlighten me?

  robocat 16:48 05 Nov 2009

Actually you can get this scanner to work in Windows 7.

However you must have either Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate as your OS, this will not work in Home Edition.

Download Windows 7 Virtual PC and XP Compatability from Microsoft and install.This will allow you to open Windows 7 in XP Mode.

Open XP mode and then install drivers and software, then run desired program ie: Toolbox etc.

I know it works as I have just completed and works fine.

Hope this helps you.

  Peter Lanky 20:19 05 Nov 2009

I only have Home Premium. Bearing in mind the extra cost of pro or ultimate over home would be more than the cost of a new scanner, it was never a possibility.

  Peter Lanky 11:35 16 Feb 2010

I decided that the only solution to this was to buy a refurbished (mine was new) Lide 100 off Ebay from the Canon outlet for just under £24, and forget about the drivers.

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