Cannot print from IE11

  xania 14:52 31 Jan 2014

I have 2 identical HP laptops running WIndows7 professional 64-but (one each for wife and self). Both are connected wirelessly to an HP Officejet 6700 Premium

Problem on wife's laptop, which sits next to the printer (not an mine which is at the opposite side of the house downstairs. Printer will print normally from any program but will not react to printing from Internet Explorer 11 (print preview works correctly).

Any ideas?

  northumbria61 15:32 31 Jan 2014

Give this a try -

1) Open “Tools” in Internet Explorer.

2) Click on “Internet Options”

3) Click on the “Security” tab

4) Uncheck “Enable Protected Mode”

5) Click OK and then exit Internet Explorer

6) Reopen Internet Explorer and print your selection

  xania 17:30 31 Jan 2014


Thanks for this. However, report from wife:

Tried suggestion from Northumbria - but then Gmail told me to turn it on again before I could open emails.

  northumbria61 22:36 31 Jan 2014

Try re-setting your browser settings and also make sure you have compatibility set on it too.

  rdave13 22:47 31 Jan 2014

If I can put my 2p worth in I'd reset IE 11 on the laptop. All favourites will be saved and most addons will have to be re-enabled except for Microsoft's security add-ons. Third party security add-ons will have to be re-enabled. If you run the free version of Avast do not enable its add-ons in IE.

  xania 14:12 01 Feb 2014

Thank you northumbria61 & rdave13 for your contributions.

I have reset IE11 but this has made no difference to the problem. Not sure what you mean by 'make sure you have compatibility set on it too. I have added the web site to compatibility view just to be safe, but still no printout. Its almost as if IE11 cannot see the network printer, although it is a clear option, when printing from any software on the laptop.

  rdave13 23:20 01 Feb 2014

I assume IE is the default browser?

  rdave13 23:32 01 Feb 2014

If you use Window Live Mail as a client is that also set to default? You can check that by clicking on the envelope icon on the command bar in IE.

  xania 08:47 03 Feb 2014

Good morning rdave13

IE is the default browser and we don't use Windows Live mail. However things have now resolved themselves. Following even worse problems with Windows, we have gone for a full re-installation. At present we have just upgraded from IE8 to IE11 and its printing fine, so whatever was causing th problem has now been resolved as a bytheway.

Many thanks to all for trying.

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