Cannot get past startup repair

  Roo247 22:47 09 Sep 2010

Hello all you wealths of knowledge.
My boys PC is running windows & and is stuck at Startup Repair, it runs, then comes up with "Sratup repair cannot repair this computor automatically" He did have that wonderful AV suite virus on there which i managed to get rid of, then this happened. A few people have said do a fresh install of W7 but he has loads of pics and music on there that i dont want to lose. Can i do an reinstall without losing data? ah, but, plum of the day award could go to me as the problem could be hidden in one of those files??
OR do i take his HDD out and back up only the necessary files he wants to keep, then put it back and do a custom install from there? If i had hair i would be pulling it out by now.

  birdface 07:49 10 Sep 2010

I don't suppose it will start in safe mode will it,

  Roo247 09:12 10 Sep 2010

it will, but then goes straight to start up repair. I can boot it from the W7 disc, and can access the repair section that way. But even if i do startup repair from there it still cant repair the computor automatically.

  kristain 12:11 10 Sep 2010

if all your pics/images are stored on different Hard disk partition where OS(operating system) is not installed then you don't need to take up backup for a fresh installation of windows7.

  Roo247 13:04 10 Sep 2010

Nope, only one, well two partitions, one main and one very small one from memory for recovery, BUT when i go to restore ther is no restore point so i dont know whats in the small partition to be honest. If i do a clean install, would i be able to use Recuvva or would the files be totally wiped?

  gengiscant 15:42 10 Sep 2010

Can you not copy the personal files then do a clean reinstall?

  Roo247 17:54 10 Sep 2010

what would be the best way to do that? can i do it from safe mode? The only thing is, i cant get past startup repair to access the files in the current PC, or do i remove the hard drive and copy the files to another drive via another PC/Laptop and then do a reinstall?

  chub_tor 20:00 10 Sep 2010

I had a very similar problem just recently with a friend's laptop running Vista. I must have run through that automatic repair sequence at least a dozen times but once when I allowed it to run through the repair procedure, even allowing it to try a system restore,though I knew that there were no restore points and at the end when it re-booted I was able to get into device manager. From there I selected each item in turn and chose the option to update the driver and I did this for everything listed. I have no idea which driver was stopping Vista from starting correctly but this machine has started correctly every time since these drivers were updated. If you can find a way to get into Safe Mode then this method may be worth a try.

  Roo247 21:23 10 Sep 2010

still no luck with safe mode, i just cant get past startup repair. there must be a way to bypass it?

  Roo247 22:15 10 Sep 2010

well, little bit of progress,
can someone tell me what this is:
"Boot critical file c:\windows\system32\drivers\zlfru.sys is corrupt"

  Roo247 23:35 10 Sep 2010

update, managed to remove that file and we have lift off, just running all the scans known to man and will see what that brings up. I think if i can keep it stable, i'll save his music files and pictures and do a this space.

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