Cannot get correct icons to display

  cyberphobic 08:16 03 Feb 2011

I have just got a new HP laptop with Windows 7 and have got it set up the way I want it, apart from the above problem - I either have icons with arrows and the big blue letter e or the blue and green globe icons. If, for instance, I add a shortcut to Facebook, I would expect to see the Facebook icon(white f on blue backgeound), but I don't, I get one of the above. I have tried right clicking and going to properties and then change icon but the icons I need are not there. This must be really simple, can someone help me please?

  bremner 14:54 03 Feb 2011

Any shortcut to a webpage will automatically get the IE icon if your using IE because it is a shortcut to that program.

Facebook icons will not by defualt be art of Windows. You will need to find a Facebook icon with the .ico file extension and add it to your computer.

  KremmenUK 16:01 03 Feb 2011

If your talking of the icons within the browser favourites/favorites then they are called FavIcons. These sometimes take a while to populate correctly.

If your talking on your desktop then bremmer is right.

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