Cannot edit rtf file using Word

  missepr 16:15 18 Jan 2015

I have a RTF file which I want to edit. I think I have Windows 7. I have used all the online tips to convert this rtf file to a Word doc, or open it using Wordpad but there is no way that I can alter the text on the document. No matter how I try whenever I try to gain access to the text in the document my cursor changes from an arrow to pointer which has 4 arrows facing north, south, east and west. Please help, I am so frustrated with this and have spent hours trying to sort it out. Thank you.

  BRYNIT 17:45 18 Jan 2015

If you have Microsoft Word you should be able to open it in MS Word and re-save it as a Word doc to make the alterations. Have a look at CLICK HERE for other possible suggestions.

  tullie 20:23 18 Jan 2015

Agree with Brynit click here

  lotvic 23:20 18 Jan 2015

It would help us to help you if you give some background information on where this file came from and if it was an .rtf file to start with. The appearance of a 4 headed arrow seems to suggest that it is a picture image of some sort that has been embedded in the file You do not seem too sure of which operating system you have or if you have Office Word installed on your pc. However you say you have Wordpad and that uses .rtf files Two suggestions for you to try to get the text (if it is text):

  1. Open a new Notepad file then, Open the .rtf in Wordpad and select all the text by holding down Ctrl and pressing the letter a on your keyboard, then (still holding down Ctrl key) press the letter c on your keyboard. Now move to your open Notepad file and click on blank part, then Hold down Ctrl key and press the letter v on your keyboard. The text will be pasted into the notepad file.

  2. or in Wordpad you could try saving a copy as a text file Open the .rtf in Wordpad at top left next to the 'Home' tab, click on the down triangle for the menu choose 'Save as' and 'Plain Text Document' and save to a folder. Open the newly saved text file and you can copy and paste the text into a new word .doc or Wordpad .rtf file.

  missepr 12:16 19 Jan 2015

Many thanks for all your responses, which I really appreciate. The original document has been prepared using Rootsmagic and I have used the option "Save to RTF File so that a word processor programme can made edits"

I have Word 2010. I opened the RTF file in that and used Save As and saved as a Word Doc. When I opened the saved Word doc I still get the four-arrow head, so as you say it seems as if the document has a photo in it. I get the same problem if doing the same process in Wordpad.

If anyone can help with this further I would be very grateful. Thank you.

  wee eddie 13:32 19 Jan 2015

"RootsMagic 4 database design uses SQLite 3 as its database engine so the .rmgc database files it creates are readable using third party SQLite management and development tools." from Wikipedia

I think that this is probably the answer to your question.

You have saved an SQLite 3 database as an .rtf file. It's probably not compatible with anything else

  missepr 14:26 19 Jan 2015

Thank you for the latest response and I can confirm that I have now heard from Rootsmagic and they inform me that although I am given the option to save the document as a RTF file, which can then be amended by a word processing programme, in actuality, the details in the report are saved as an image, so I would need to use a photo/image editing programme to make any amendments. Bad form on their part then, but I appreciate everyone's willingness to help. Thank you.

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