Can I stop Media Center from searching drives?

  Ben 216 19:07 17 May 2007

Hi, I have Vista Ultimate and all has been running fine. I've been using Media Centre to play some divX video files, but there is one file that both crashes WMP and Media Center. I have removed it from the X:\Video folder (external drive), but Media Center still crashes when I go to videos. I then removed the whole folder from the library, but Media Centre seems to search for files/folders to add, flashes up two folders located on my X:\ then crashes. If I unplug USB lead to the drive Media Center is fine.

Is there a way I can stop Media Center looking for files and to *only* look in the places I tell it to and when I tell it to?

Thanks, Ben.

  BRYNIT 22:45 17 May 2007

Don't know if it will work but you could try.

Open Media centre go to settings/library setup/stop watching a folder and select the folder that you had the file in.

  Ben 216 23:09 17 May 2007

Thanks, have just done that. And I've remaned all copies of the offending files to 'filename.avi.x'. I now have two copies of the X:\ folder showing, one of which works, the other crashes. I have removed everything in my watching list and now get a message 'A neccesary component of Media Center is missing please restart media center' when i try to enter library setup...

Is there a 'Master reset' for Media Center? I thought MC was the best thing since sliced bread until today!

  Ben 216 23:52 17 May 2007

Just had MC crash and turn my monitor (LCD TV) into a limbo state of not on and not standby and not off - no red/green LED and wouldn't turn on even for TV.

On restarting I now have C:\, X:\ and X:\ in my MC video folder with all subfolders wether they contain video or not (if not it just comes up with folder empty!)

  Ben 216 00:25 03 Jun 2007

I have re-installed Vista over the top of my current installation, (used the Vista upgrade, you'd think there'd be a repair function when you put the disc in but there's not!), which has reset my CODECS and Media Center. I downloaded the a beta CODEC set from click here and had a functioning WMP11, however Media Center worked briefly then decided it didn't like my files, added the C:\ and X:\ to my library again despite me telling it not to, threw a wobbly and took itself and WMP11 down. I have now had to go back into the media center setup, restart the setup and then exit (without completing), uninstall and re-install the CODECS from the above link and all seems to be ok again with WMP11 and I'm leaving media center well alone!

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