Can I remove drive letter from primary partition

  O-NO 11:01 01 May 2015


I have formatted an SSD in another PC and not given the partition a drive letter.

However when I put the SSD in my other PC and do a fresh install of Windows 7 the partition is given a drive letter (D:)

Should I just leave it alone or can I remove the drive letter and let the partition just sit in drive (C:)

Many thanks.

  lotvic 11:26 01 May 2015

If I understand you correctly - you have divided one drive into two partitions.

In order to use them, Windows needs to be able to find these partitions so it gives them drive letters.

The op sys is on the partition Windows boots up into is C:. If you've formatted it, the next partition is given the letter D: and other drives/partitions are also given a letter.

This is so Windows can find and list them.

If you remove the letter Windows Explorer won't 'see' it and the partition will become Hidden and not be displayed in Windows Explorer.

You will be able to see the drive/partition with no letter in Device Manager.

So really the answer to your question is: Yes you can remove the D: drive letter and No the partition will not just sit in drive (C:) as C: is a partition all by itself.

Think of partitions on one Harddrive as chapters in a book. Where the book is the Harddrive and the chapters are Partitions. Each chapter (partition) is separate to another but all are contained within the book (harddrive).

  O-NO 11:43 01 May 2015

Thank you for your reply lotvic.

If I may just ask......

Would you advise to leave the partition with the drive letter (D:)?

  lotvic 12:05 01 May 2015

Yes, and then you will be able to see and use it to store stuff on :)

May I ask what size in GB you have made each partition?

After re-reading your posts, I'm still unsure exactly what you have done.

Did you partition and format each separate partition of the SSD drive?

or have you got 2 harddrives in your pc - one SSD and one sata harddrive?

also: did you format the SSD safely? click here

  O-NO 12:14 01 May 2015

I've formatted again using the link you've posted thank you and all is sorted now.

Much appreciated lotvic for taking the time to help.

  robin_x 12:17 01 May 2015

Shortcut to Disk Management:

Press Windows key + R and type diskmgmt.msc

Right click partition for Change letter and options

Hiding a partition (by removing the letter) is of limited practical value and usually will be more inconvenient for yourself.


Note that the extra partition may break the manufacturers Recovery Partition software (and other utilities) because the code no longer appears to be where it should be.

If you ever need them and they are missing or don't do anything:

Use boot, Repair and Install DVDs for W7 and earlier.

USB Recovery Drive for W8 and later.

  O-NO 12:21 01 May 2015

Thanks robin.

  robin_x 12:23 01 May 2015

Copies of the Utils are on those discs/USB Flash.

If you ever wanted to pass the machine to someone else and put it back to Factory Settings first, simply deleting the D: partition would usually allow that to work again

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