Buying a new laptop and don't want Vista!

  Caspar_Esq. 23:17 05 Aug 2007

I've finally found a new uni/gaming laptop I like the look of a href="click here">This One /a>

And of course being brand new it comes with Vista pre-installed. BUt it seems ludicrous that I will ahve to suffer a very significant performance hit on specs that I have spent a lot of money aquiring.

Any way around this? A quick phonecall to Evesham as to whether I could downgrade to XP came with the simple reply of "No." And XP costs about £250.

Suggestions please!

  Jimmy14 23:24 05 Aug 2007

Option 1- Go for another online vendor like Dell were you can customize with XP and just to let you know that Evesham aren't in a very good financial state at the moment as they are being bought over by Time UK.

Option 2- Buy the laptop and format then install XP but you will have to buy XP separately unless you already have a copy. It will be a nuisance trying to find compatible XP drivers for the laptop since it's made for Vista.

My personal opinion would be to go for some other online retailer but I think you should try Vista as it is a very fast, reliable operating system and you should see my other thread saying the first service pack for Vista is out on the 14th so it will be even better again.

  LastChip 00:57 06 Aug 2007

You are experiencing Microsoft's stranglehold on manufacturers.

It states it's "built to order" so quite why they wont oblige you is a bit of a mystery. Personally, I wouldn't touch Evesham at the moment, as the future it seems is uncertain.

Dell however, may provide a solution for you.

When you're paying that sort of money, you really should be able to dictate what you want.

  Yogie 15:08 06 Aug 2007

I understand your concern about vista but in my experiance.I did not liked Vista after trying RC1 and gone back to XP. A few weeks ago I bought an HP dv9502TX 17inch Laptop,7300core duo,nvidea8600M GS, 260HDD(140+120)now 2gig Ram and now I would not go back to XP. It is faster in any way then XP have no problem, upgraded what was available and it goes ;ilke a dream. In your case as a gamer I would upgrade to 4gig Ram and you have a very fast Laptop. I was reading many times the comments from FE and Kate B,I was still not a believer in Vista but now I love my Machine never had any problems maybe Vista was pre installed. I want to say, go for Vista and you never regred it.

  Caspar_Esq. 17:25 06 Aug 2007

I'm very interested to hear that Evesham are in trouble - the very laptop I'm interested in buying has just been put down in price by £100, making it look very attractive. For what reasons should I avoid them if they are going to be swallowed? Its not as if laptops are often easily repaired at any rate if warranty concern is what you are reffering to.

What should I be aware of? I would really appreciate some advice on this one.

As for the XP/Vista thing the lappy comes with Vista Business anyway, so I would have downgrade rights.

  Ashrich 11:01 07 Aug 2007

Evesham have gone into receivership and are being propped up by the owner of TimeUk , ( who have gone t*ts up more times than we've all had hot dinners ), apparently they lost shed loads of money when the Government withdrew a tax break facility for companies to buy equipment and lease it back to staff for work/personal use . All warranties are being honoured by all accounts but I would still stay clear of that sort of situation . Dell will ship laptops with various flavours of Linux , Windows XP and Vista quite happily .


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