Buy Vista now or wait

  Mrs Ellie 14:56 03 Jan 2007

I am (very) new to computing and about to dive in and buy a notebook to support my PhD research. Is it worth my while waiting a couple of months and buy a notebook complete with Vista? or should I go ahead and ensure I have a voucher for an upgrade.

  Kate B 15:07 03 Jan 2007

If you need it now, buy it now. But it is only a couple of weeks until Vista's consumer launch.

  season8 18:49 03 Jan 2007

I will wait to see what happens with it for my home pc, but for work we go live shortly with Vista. I'm looking forward to seeing how it works after all the hype.

And to be honest i'm sure Microsoft see it as the way forward since XP last came out 5 years ago, will be interested on the 64bit version.

  Forum Editor 19:42 03 Jan 2007

then I recommend that you do, because for someone relatively new to computing there's a major advantage to buying a machine with Vista preinstalled. You'll be guaranteed a fully-functional computer, with no danger of driver or other hardware incompatibilities - your laptop will work perfectly, straight out of the box.

If for any reason it doesn't, you have a clear path of liability, straight back to the supplier; there'll be no worries about who's responsible. You'll have to make sure that any software you install yourself is Vista-compatible of course, but that's just a matter of commonsense. I expect you'll be installing Microsoft Office, and provided it's a fairly recent version you should have no difficulties - if you do, you know where to come.

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