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  proudfoot 16:16 02 Nov 2010

My ISP is BT.
We access our emails using Windows Mail Popped from BT Yahoo Mail. We have 4 email addresses.
We have no problems sending or receiving emails
I have recently encountered problems forwarding and replying to emails sent to me. They just seem to hang in the out box and a standard error message pops up, see below.
I have checked BT Yahoo Mail using Web Mail and cannot see why there is a problem un less there is some obscure setting I have not found.

An unknown error has occurred. Subject 'Fw: Mr **********, your November newsletter from ***',
Account: ' (2)', Server: '', Protocol: SMTP, Server Response:
'451 Invalid Smtp line - Should end with CRLF', Port: 25, Secure(SSL): No, Server Error: 451,
Error Number: 0x800CCC6A

  mooly 18:47 04 Nov 2010

Can't really help with your question but the Vista forum seems to get litle response... I would ask again in the "Helproom"

  proudfoot 10:27 05 Nov 2010

I have now found out what the problem is.

I have used AVG free for more than 12 years with no problems what so ever
and found it to be excellent

I recently received a pop up suggesting I download and install the latest
version AVG 2011, which I did.
Since that date I have been having problems forwarding and replying to email
using BT Yahoo Mail via Windows Mail.

After much head scratching I came to the conclusion the problem could be resolved by removing the tick in Advanced Settings to "Check
Outgoing Mail" would solve the problem. Which I am pleased to say it did. In the past I have always used the default settings in AVG.

I feel this must be a conflict with BT Yahoo Mail. At the time prior to
preventing the scanning of outgoing emails I was able to access another ISP
and forward emails OK from this PC using identical settings in AVG.

I would be interested in any comments.

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