BSODs, crashes, won't boot properly ... GRRRRR

  Kate B 00:09 16 Mar 2007

Rant alert.

I am *this* close to reinstalling Vista. Over the past two days I've installed two packages, Sage and my dad's personal finance app, MoneyBox, and since then Vista has been flakier than a Cadbury's Flake.

First Sage caused BSODs, crashes and lockups, so I uninstalled it and all was well again. Then I installed MoneyBox - which I had to force as Adminstrator. BSODs, crashes and lockups. I couldn't uninstall it (see my MoneyBox thread above) even in Safe Mode so had to go back to a pre-MoneyBox restore point. I'm still getting BSODs, lockups and crashes.

Anyone got any suggestions before I grit my teeth and reinstall? I've tried repairing from the DVD and it reports no problems.


  Totally-braindead 00:28 16 Mar 2007

Thats a shame you were so happy with your Vista setup too.
I am afraid I'm still running XP but has Vista got a compatabilty mode like XP has, and if so can you not try running Moneybox in compatability mode instead - you might need to reinstall it first though, or even install it in compatability mode if Vista does that.

  Kate B 00:44 16 Mar 2007

Thanks for the sympathy, T-b. Vista does have a compatibility mode but I'm not even going to try and run either app in it now - in fact I've uninstalled both and I'm still getting the grief.

  crosstrainer 08:18 16 Mar 2007

I'm afraid tweakvi may have caused these issues Kate...proceed as follows: boot your system normally, insert the Vista DVD youwill be given 2 oprions !) clean install (you do not want this one) 2) a bit mis-leading but Upgrade...choose this option, and you will not lose data or will however, need to re-install antivirus /spyware updates, and any drivers (sli and maybe sound) again. go over the top of the old Nvidia drivers rather than removing them. This should sort you out, and won't take too long Restore point first!

  Kate B 08:44 16 Mar 2007

Do you really think it's TweakVI? Blimey, what a horror, it should come with a health warning. Thanks, crosstrainer, I'll try that. There's something very wrong - the install/uninstall function seems messed up, apart from anything else. I was seriously considering a clean install.

  crosstrainer 08:55 16 Mar 2007

I am fairly certain it is the cause...still investigating, but you won't need a clean install, use the upgrade works fine, you will need to remerge your remove arrow reg entries, and a few other things...but much more painless than a full install, and all other settings retained.

  Input Overload 09:42 16 Mar 2007

I've had Tweakvi on for 3 weeks with no problems.

  Kate B 09:48 16 Mar 2007

I'm just upgrading now, nearly at the end of the process. TweakVI was fine for me for a couple of weeks, but I wonder if it's the source of the problems I had with Sage and MoneyBox? Something - one of the things that seems to have been (well, we have a technical term for it in journalism which I won't use here) messed up was the install/uninstall facility. Last night and this morning I couldn't install or uninstall anything.

  Kate B 10:27 16 Mar 2007

oh RARRRRRRRRRRRR. I'm getting BSODs again and it won't do the first boot to the desktop. I've got to go out now but it looks as though I'm going to be doing a clean install over the weekend. This is where the upgrade failed when I was trying to upgrade from XP, incidentally.

  [email protected] 11:07 16 Mar 2007

i have had same problems, since installing and running sisoft sandra, which claims to be vista ready, have now uninstalled. i too couldnt get desktop back up.
may uninstal vista (again!) too much hassle, yet i feel a tad defeated!

  SteveWH 13:23 16 Mar 2007

I have just upgraded to Ulitimate from Premium bit pricey but I liked the idea of being able to do a full OS backup just in case.

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