alan2273 20:00 18 Nov 2009

I am running the Home premium 64bit version and have had 3 BSOD's looking in the event viewer does not help much, it might as well be written in Chinese.
Twice it blue screened me when the TOM TOM sat nav was connected, but since then no more problems.
Has anyone else experienced any BSOD's

  chub_tor 21:43 18 Nov 2009

I've had two BSODs on 32bit Win7 each time it was on the first insertion of a USB memory stick, one OCZ 8Mb and one generic 2Mb. End result being that I now have two memory sticks that I cannot use on that particular Win7 installation. The memory sticks installed fine on another Win7 PC and also on an XP machine. I have yet to find out how to ge the two failed memory sticks to be recognised, they appear in Device Manager but not in My Computer, have no volume and no drive letters.

  Seth Haniel 08:02 19 Nov 2009

from this post :)
click here

  Pine Man 12:17 19 Nov 2009

I had the same problem twice with a USB stick on W7 Home Premium but not everytime I used it.

Widows 7 RC1 'appeared' to corrupt a different USB stick so I dumped that one.

I now use one stick for vista and the other for W7 just in case!

  gengiscant 14:37 22 Nov 2009


  Eric10 11:34 12 Dec 2009

I've just installed Windows 7 Pro 64bit on a new PC build and while installing my software it started Blue screening every time I plugged a pen drive into any USB port.

I tried various suggestions from the Internet without success then found a forum where someone blamed Acronis for the problem on his PC. That was when I realised that the last software I had installed was indeed Acronis 2010. Since uninstalling it I have not had a single blue screen.

The version of Acronis 2010 that I installed was an early build so I may try the latest build in due course to see if that is any better.

  Pine Man 11:42 12 Dec 2009

I also have Acronis 2010 but I haven't removed it.

The only times I had the problem were when I was Running Microsoft Money and plugged in the USB stick to back up it's files.

I still use Acronis 2010 and MS Money is used almost daily but since changing USB stick I haven't had any problems.

  chub_tor 15:52 12 Dec 2009

Are the USB pen drives operating correctly now that you have Win7 installed?

I still have two pen drives that Win7 on my desktop that will not show in Explorer or My Computer yet can be seen in Device and Disk Manager. They work perfectly well on my Win7 laptop.

I have been given advice by a Windows Forum but have yet to find a solution. I have convinced myself that it is a registry problem but I still can't get to a workable fix.

  Eric10 19:19 12 Dec 2009

I have two pen drives, an OCZ and an LG. The OCZ performs faultlessly but the LG has problems. "My Computer" doesn't show it and Disk Management sees it but can't do anything with it. I think it might be a 64 bit problem though because I have Win 7 Premium 32 bit on a laptop and that sees the LG drive ok.
Update on Acronis: A couple of hours ago I installed 2010, Build 6053 on the 64 bit PC and so far the blue screens haven't returned despite extensive use of the USB ports.

  [email protected] 20:23 12 Dec 2009

1. My internet keeps dropping out. I have a belkin wireless adapter that keeps being disabled for reasons I am unaware.
2. I have a sandisk 16GB usb zip drive that does the same. I start using the drive and halfway through it stops responding and the only way to get either of them working again is to reboot the PC.
3. My external USB hard drive. I start using the drive and halfway through it stops responding.
4. My Sony Camera when connected via USB also. I start using it and halfway through it stops responding.
5. When any of the above happen the computer fails to restart, it hangs on shutting down and has to be a hard reset.

  chub_tor 22:05 12 Dec 2009

I am pretty sure it is not a 64 bit problem as I only run 32 bit. The two pen drives that can't be seen by Explorer, one is OCZ and the other a generic bought from Aria. Both work on my laptop with Win 7. I have 6 pen drives altogether, all of them work on the laptop but only 4 will work on the desktop.

The only two times I have had a Win7 bluescreen was on the first insertion of those two drives. It is a peculiar problem and the more I research it the more I uncover that it is not unique to me or my drives, unfortunately Microsoft have yet to come up with any response to peoples' queries.

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