Broadband won't install

  tinkerpuss 18:31 03 Feb 2007

My dad has just installed Vista but cannot get an internet connection. His broadband installation disk gives him the message - 'must be logged on as administrator'- which he insists he is. His b/band tech support (TalkTalk) told him the problem isn't with them.
He is tearing out what little hair he has. Can anyone help?

  BurrWalnut 19:26 03 Feb 2007

I'm guessing but try installing it with UAC turned off, i.e. Control Panel, User Accounts and turn it off.

  tinkerpuss 22:08 03 Feb 2007

Thanks BurrWalnut-passed the message to my dad . He will try it out in the morning.

  tinkerpuss 20:59 04 Feb 2007

Just to report that your suggestion worked in that my dad's computer accepted the TalkTalk installation disk but he could not get connected to the network. He called TalkTalk tech support and apparently their installation disk is not compatible with Vista! Has anyone else experienced this hiccup? How does the old codger get a broadband connection?
He is going to call Microsoft tomorrow to see if they can help.

  Kate B 23:09 04 Feb 2007

It's one of the perils of being an early adopter, I'm afraid. I'm assuming he's using one of those USB modems? It's entirely possible there are no Vista drivers for that model yet, though it's worth Googling for them and/or searching the manufacturer's website - not TalkTalk's, but the manufacturer of the modem.

Otherwise now might be a good time to nudge him into buying an ethernet modem/router - no drivers required, just plug it in and feed it his username and password. Another good reason for using an ethernet modem/router is that it gives you a hardware firewall.

  tinkerpuss 23:15 04 Feb 2007

That sounds like a brilliant suggestion. I have an ethernet modem and I'll take it tomorrow and see if this solves my dad's problem.

  tinkerpuss 22:38 05 Feb 2007

Sadly, this did not solve the problem. We are beginning to think that the hard disk may be faulty. I am very much a novice so I cannot give any more technical details. Thanks for the replies.

  yaesu 19:50 06 Feb 2007

Hi tinkerpuss, have a look at this click here
Have you entered your details in ie as suggested?
I switched to a router, albeit with XP and haven't looke back since!! Should be os independent and NO NEED for drivers.
Regards, yaesu

  tinkerpuss 20:34 06 Feb 2007

Thanks to everyone for their suggestions. My dad has managed at last to get on line by 'lying' to Vista about his modem!Neither his TalkTalk usb modem nor my TalkTalk ethernet modem would instal, so he said he was using a speedtouch modem and hey presto - his TalkTalk modem installed and he is now a happy bunny! Not exactly a feat of technical wizardry, but if it works - who cares!

  Pine Man 13:19 07 Feb 2007

I was annoyed to find that Speedtouch have not yet developed a driver for their modem and was wondering how I would install it on my, soon to be delivered, Vista PC. By the sound of it Vista already has its own drivers for it!

  Kate B 14:27 07 Feb 2007

I'm really surprised you couldn't use the ethernet modem, but glad you've got your Dad up and running with the Speedtouch one.

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