broadband on windows vista

  happygirl2 16:47 17 Apr 2007

I have not been able to get my Trilogy broadband to work on Windows Vista. Anyone else have this problem? I have posted about this in the helproom, this is the link click here

Any help much appreciated! Thanks :)

  Kate B 17:17 17 Apr 2007

Please don't post duplicate threads. You've got lots of responses to the helproom thread, so please tick this one resolved and stick with one thread.

  happygirl2 17:40 17 Apr 2007

:( I wouldn't say that I have had lots of responses (responses from 2 people) and the issue is far from resolved, so when I saw that there was a Windows Vista specific forum I thought that I would try in here too in the hope of receiving some advice that will lead to a conclusion to this matter that I have been struggling with for many days and spent many hours trying to fix. I certainly didn't mean to do anything wrong, I'm really sorry and I will tick the resolved box as you requested.

  Kate B 18:47 17 Apr 2007

You haven't done anything wrong - it's just easier for people to help you if all the responses are in the same place.

  setecio 12:53 18 Apr 2007

What sort of modem are you using, and does a vista driver exist for it, only relevant if if it is a USB modem ... (if ethernet / wireleass then it shouldn't matter.)

Every evening after I've logged off and shut down, my computer seems to be altering or deleting settings or files. I have a hard job getting into my broadband every single time. Most days I can't even get in. I have to make sure all the settings are right every time. most times I have to restore system a few times, and mayb, if I'm lucky, I manage to get in. This is so frustrating. Does anyone have advice, please?

  Kate B 20:36 06 Jul 2007

Please start your own thread.

  wrg 16:26 09 Jul 2007


Try turning the firewall off before you try to go online (if it works remember to turn it back on). I had the situation where my computer (which I had jsut bought with Vista) was telling me it was connected but I could not get online, then I remembered when I set up my USR router then first time I went onto the internet it suggested doing so after turning the firewall off. This worked for me.

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