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  new214 16:39 11 Jun 2008

Heya all, Im considering buying a acer 2920 which has vista installed. Now what i need to know is how to create a bootable installation disk (from the operating system itself)

Iv doen some research and found that already installed o/s are OEM. So phoned the people and they say they dont provide an installation disk - but a system recovery disk, and a recovery disk isnt the same as installation disk.

Ive googled that but havent found a solid answer - so how do i create a bootable vista installation disk from the laptop itself?

  anskyber 09:33 12 Jun 2008

You could try using a program like Acronis True Image which will do what you want in a different fashion.

  new214 12:29 12 Jun 2008

What do you mean itl do what I want in a different fashion - all i want is to create a bootable installation disk (that I could use to reinstall on the same laptop if i needed to)???

  anskyber 14:40 12 Jun 2008

This is what Acronis does. click here

  gazzaho 15:07 12 Jun 2008

A recovery disk is a bootable installation disk, it will re-install your laptop to the condition it was in when you bought it, sometimes in combination with a hidden partition on the hard drive. If Windows goes belly up or you want to re-install it for whatever reason, you insert the recovery disk and follow the instructions in order to get the system back to the condition it was in when purchased. It's like a customised version of a Windows disk. There may also be some software particular to your laptop incorporated into the recovery disk in order to make it run more efficiently which a normal Windows disk wouldn't have.

Anskyber was referring to a program which makes a complete copy of your hard disk, which you then store on another hard disk or with the right compression, DVD Rom and use to re-install your operating system when needed.

Hope this helps.

  new214 15:56 12 Jun 2008

well what im trying to achieve is a bootable system with xp and vista (as vista comes preinstalled on the laptop).

Can the recovery disk be used in the stage outlined in the following tutorial - where it says

"Boot from the Vista DVD and on the screen where you’re prompted to “Install now”, select “Repair your computer”."

click here

I dont think a recovery disk can be used in such situations (only a installation disk)????

If i use Acronis True Image to create an ISO image and burn it to a DVD - can this be used as an installation disk??

  anskyber 16:03 12 Jun 2008

Acronis will put everything back to the original situation on the day you take the image.

It "stores" everything including all your files and settings so there is no reinstall of programs and the like needed.

Yes you can image to external media like a DVD but most people keep the image on an external HDD.

  gazzaho 17:12 12 Jun 2008

I think you will need a psychical Windows Vista disk in order to do what it mentions in order to dual boot, I don't own a Vista machine at the moment myself so I'm unsure, but that's a drawback with recovery disks in that, as far as I'm aware, you can't use the repair windows function or make a slipstream disk because you don't actually have a psychical Windows disk in order to do so!

Have you done any research into using a Virtual machine in order to run XP inside the Vista environment? I'm thinking of trying this method myself when I purchase my next PC as it becomes impossible to use Windows recovery when dual booting.

  Zeppelyn 19:22 15 Jun 2008

"Boot from the Vista DVD and on the screen where you’re prompted to “Install now”, select “Repair your computer”."

To achieve this you can download from NeoSmart Technologies a Windows Vista Recovery Disk which just contains the recovery portions of the Vista install DVD tho it is 120mb.

click here

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