blue circle on network internet access icon

  iqs 13:47 15 Oct 2010


Can anyone tell me what the blue circle means when it appears on the network internet access icon in the sys tray on windows 7 please ?


  a member 14:01 15 Oct 2010

the various icons are 2xPC monitors with either a red x ,a yellow triangle or a blue circle .
the red X denotes no connection at all , the yellow triangle denotes a problem during that time you may or may not still have a valid connection .
the 2X PC monotor icon alone means connection to your router is complete but local access only ,Ie home network will (should) work , but no internet . and finally the blue circle (or globe) denotes a full working connection and every aspect of your connections should be fine .
however in some cases you may find you get connection to the internet without the blue circle . this is probably down to windows being slow in detecting that the connection is complete.

  Strawballs 17:07 15 Oct 2010

With Vista and Win 7 it means you have a connection and if you hover the curser over it will tell you if you have local only or local and internet.

  rdave13 02:18 16 Oct 2010

It means your ethernet or wi-fi card, usb dongle, is trying to connect.

  iqs 14:24 23 Oct 2010

thanks for all the help,cheers

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