Black screen upon start up on windows 7

  maymay 15:10 10 Jun 2013

Hello, I have a frustrating problem ever since I did windows critical update and changed anti virus and the problem occurred yesterday. Every time I reboot my PC, a black screen appears with a cursor shows up for a few minutes before going onto login screen/welcome screen. I did system restore back to a month and it still doesn't work. I uninstalled anti virus to see if that might be the case and the black screen is still there. I then reformatted my pc by reinstalling windows 7 again using the disc and the problem is still there. My pc is only one year old as well and it's quite fast and quiet. Normally when I startup my PC it goes straight onto the welcome screen/desktop without this black screen. What can I do in this case? Much help will be appreciated.

  Chronos the 2nd 16:25 10 Jun 2013

Have you tried removing and reseating your graphics card (GPU. Or tried, if you can another GPU. Check cables are all fitted snugly.

  maymay 17:45 10 Jun 2013

I haven't tried that yet since I am not experienced at doing this and I don't want to make the PC worse. It seems like all the cables are fitted in neatly and not jumbled up.

  jaywoo 19:09 10 Jun 2013

Is there any text on the screen, or is it blank with a flashing cursor?

  maymay 19:42 10 Jun 2013

There isn't any text on the screen, only a cursor but I can move it. The black screen remains there for a good 3 minutes before it enters the login screen which I am able to go onto my desktop.

  jaywoo 20:01 10 Jun 2013

When you say cursor, you mean mouse pointer? Unplug any devices not absolutely necessary, take any discs out of your optical drive if there's one in there - any difference? What antivirus did you remove, which one are you using now? Did you reinstall Win 7 from a recovery disk, along with bundled software that came with your PC or was it from a plain ol' OEM/Retail Windows 7 DVD?

  maymay 20:24 10 Jun 2013

Sorry yes I meant mouse pointer. Still no difference when I took out discs. I removed Norton and I am using bitdefender now. I wasn't sure if it was the anti virus that caused or the recent Windows update. I reinstalled Windows using the retail DVD, my pc didn't have a recovery disk that came with it. I reinstalled the drivers CD as well.

  nickf 21:14 10 Jun 2013

I have had one or two issues with bitdefender slowing my start up , but only for about 30-40 seconds , but I am using a SSD . my screen staed blue tho . All I did was run the repair feature on bitdefender , this seemed to cure it .

  maymay 21:29 10 Jun 2013

Hmmm. I uninstalled bitdefender now and the problem still gets the black screen. It's really hard to fix this now since this started yesterday and so my startup is really slow.

  jaywoo 21:40 10 Jun 2013

Do you get the same long delay if you choose Safe Mode? Try Safe Mode first and Safe Mode with Networking next time.

  nickf 22:33 10 Jun 2013

Also , did you use the uninstaller that came with bitdefenfer , as windows does not do it fully .

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