Beware of Iolo Personal Firewall 'for Vista'

  Guybrush1 14:39 24 Mar 2007

Hi People

Said a while ago I would report back if I found a 'Vista' firewall....thought I had but wow what a called Iolo click here my advice is give them a wide berth and advise all family and friends to do the same. Below is an exact copy of what I have just sent them under the title:-Inaccurately describing Iolo Personal Firewall as 'Vista Ready'

It's my third attempt at getting some customer service, thus far to no avail.


Where to begin??

Almost a month ago I invested in Iolo Personal Firewall for my Windows Vista Home Premium what a mistake!!

In the absence of any reasonable outbound protection from the Windows firewall we were discussing in an online forum viable firewall options for Vista. I discovered your firewall and took the plunge and purchased it. I also
paid for the software on a backup CD for which I have been charged (I still have the credit card statement) WHERE IS MY CD?? do I need to resort to legal action??

Now to the program. Obviously not produced to any standard of Microsoft approval. Windows start up manager doesn't recognise it.......or the company, indeed unless I give 'User Account Control' permission to run it it will simply not load on start up. When it does start to load it takes 4 - 5 minutes 'initialising' during which time it appears to choke the network connection stopping internet connection until it is ready to 'ahem' protect you.

Now general program operation. You can make your own rules but if the program doesn't like it.........forget it. I use peer to peer and I can create all the rules and permissions I like but unless I either close down the firewall or put security on low (making the firewall worthless) then the firewall simply blocks everything. Another problem that can only be resolved by turning the firewall off is online streaming Windows Media. It totally disables it in my browser and the only solution is to disable it to get it to work. Finally, so far it erraticly updates any programs that require updates that it doesn't like, again no matter what permissions you create again resulting in disabling the firewall in order to update them.

One more problem that seriously needs to be addressed is that once it has loaded on my settings if my partner logs on to her account it simply will not load meaning its not compatible for protecting 2 account holders on a PC at the same time..........totally unacceptable.

This is my 3rd time of attempting to get some standard of customer service from you, I hope this will not just again result in a automated computer response that is of no assistance whatsoever, and no further contact or solution. I am a customer and you have taken my money and to date not provided me with what I paid for. Please provide me with the back-up CD of the software for which I have paid you for ASAP!!.

You customer service to date is as poor as your software and I am backing up a copy of this correspondance with the intention of posting it on all websites & forums I frequent so that many people can be deterred from making the mistake I made and becoming an Iolo customer.

I await (probaly in vane) your response

Thank You

  crosstrainer 15:31 24 Mar 2007

Hi, the existing windows firewall isn't too bad (not great, depends on where you go on the web) You could go down the route of an all in one pacakage, (currently using PC-Cillins new all in one on my Vista rig)

The real thing to concern us all is Defender.. which they are trying to improve, but still misses a lot of spyware.

Since you have purchased the firewall.. I would suggest sale of goods act, and refund.

some useful links are: click here

And: click here

For proper spyware defence:click here

  Kate B 15:41 24 Mar 2007

The Vista firewall is both inbound and outbound. If you have a router you also have a hardware firewall - the two together are I think perfectly adequate.

  Nellie2 16:32 24 Mar 2007

Outbound protection isn't turned on by default.. but you can configure it, as KateB said, the Vista Firewall is fine, it is a rule based firewall.. but this gives you control over how it behaves. More info click here

  Forum Editor 17:58 24 Mar 2007

and I've contacted the company's Press office on your behalf. We'll not see any reaction until next week, I imagine, but rest assured I'll get back to your thread when/if I get a response from them.

  Guybrush1 11:37 25 Mar 2007

Hi again

Thank you all for your responses and advice and I will check out the links provided.

A special thankyou to the forum editor it means a lot to have a major UK magazine taking up my case. Perhaps we might get somewhere though its a pity we have to publicly shame a company before they act to actually provide the service their customers are paying for.

Thanks to all again


I have to go with Kate here my experience with the Vista firewall has been a good one. I have blasted away at it using GRCs Shields Up and the Sygate tester and it held up without any problems, ports stealthed the works. You can use the admin firewall option to personally configue the firewall if you wish but in any case the Microsoft offering in my opinion is a formidable piece of kit.

  Forum Editor 00:16 27 Mar 2007

that my efforts have borne fruit - Iolo have responded to my request for help, and have asked you to let them have some personal details, so they can resolve the problem. Their email is very positive, and I think you'll get a solution pretty rapidly.

I've emailed you with details of the information they require.

Good luck, and don't forget to let us know the outcome.

  Forum Editor 17:47 27 Mar 2007

I'm trying to email you at the address you've registered with us, but my mail is bouncing with a "mailbox not available" error.

Could you email me with an address where I can contact you please? It's with regard to Iolo - they've contacted me again with fresh information about your problem.

  Totally-braindead 17:50 27 Mar 2007

Thats interesting FE I wonder if this could have anything to do with them not replying, perhaps they did but the email bounced back.

  Guybrush1 20:31 27 Mar 2007


I can see why totally braindead would think that but my log in email is a old one. I've now supplied you with my home email. Again I can't thank you and PC Advisor enough for your efforts. Lets hope when you supply me with the details Iolo require from me I may finally get somewhere and resolve this once and for all. I will certainly let everyone know the outcome. Thanks to all again and particularly the FE.


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