Better than Vista, no advantage over XP..

  hawthorn123 07:48 17 Jan 2009

Been using Windows 7 for a few days now , dual-booted with XP Pro - it's much quicker than Vista , which isn't saying much, but feels quite good to use.

I still find it hard to navigate around though, like Vista, it's not very intuitive.

I think Microsoft's problem is still going to be,
"Why should I downgrade from XP?"

If I was stuck with Vista though, I'd definitely upgrade.

  Forum Editor 10:08 17 Jan 2009

There's no reason at all why you shouldn't stick to Windows XP if you prefer it - that's a judgement only you can make. Eventually of course you'll begin to find that some new software won't run in XP, and in due course (but not for another five years) Microsoft will stop issuing security updates for it, so you'll be at increased risk from a security point of view.

According to Microsoft's published road-map there'll be no more OEM system builders licences for XP after the end of this month.

Maybe you'll decide to jump straight to one of the Windows 7 releases if you see continued positive feedback to it when it's launched.

  anskyber 10:42 17 Jan 2009

I use XP on my netbook, because I have too other than using Ubuntu. The plain truth is the OS is capable but now tired and clunky when compared with Vista and the Beta of W7 I am currently using.

It's fine if you want to stay there but I am frankly very surprised you do not find W7 intuitive. The intuitive nature of W7 is one of the things I like.

We all tend to approach something new with the baggage of what we know so we can become irritated with things which are different even though they might be better or quicker. W7 is certainly that in my view particularly the simple way it deals with things like drivers.

To anyone trying W7 I say do so with an open mind rather than one blinkered by the XP comfort zone. I am absolutely certain that a Martian trying to use XP or learn W7 (or Vista for that matter) would find things more straightforward with W7 than XP. But I'm probably wrong.

  hawthorn123 11:07 17 Jan 2009

I am a system builder and I supply and repair PCs and laptops for both private individuals and small companies.
I know of no-one who having been used to XP who prefers Vista.. I have re-installed XP on Vista delivered machines countless times.

When Windows 7 was first announced the word was that MS were going to go 'back to basics' and produce a slick new OS, instead they have produced what is in effect a Vista Sevice Pack.

I don't foresee any problems gettng hold of XP OEMs in the immediate future.. the main difficulty is manufacturers not providing XP drivers in new models..

I've had two customers in the last month, who frustrated by only being able to have Vista on the Laptops they wanted to buy,decided to bite the bullet and get Macs instead.

Microsoft will have a real fight on their hands if Windows 7 doesn't deliver and people can't get their beloved XP.

  bremner 11:36 17 Jan 2009

I remember early versions of Longhorn and how much less bloated they were over the final Vista release.

Will the early promise of 7 give way to a bloated final release? We will have to wait and see.

"The plain truth is the OS is capable but now tired and clunky when compared with Vista". That is your view but not one I hear ever expressed by my IT colleagues.

  iambeavis 12:52 17 Jan 2009

I had a horrendous time with Vista, which came preloaded on my laptop. It was so bad that, after about six months of fighting with it, I removed it and replaced it with a dual-boot XP/ubuntu.

Windows 7 beta has, so far, been a totally diferent experience.

The installs ( for both the 32 and the 64 bit versions) were the easiest and the fastest I've ever done and the fact that apps I never use such as Movie maker and Mail are an optional download are a plus point for me. However, Internet Explorer is behaving in a somewhat erratic fashion ( I've never been a fan of IE but I really wanted to like this one... alas, not to be ). All the necessary drivers were in the install, apart from a driver for my nVidia card, and that was installed automatically by windows update almost as soon as I first went on the internet. I felt at home with the OS from the off and I've had no problems in using it so far ( and that's a first for me ) - the only hitch was installing my Nikon Coolscan on the 64 bit version ( Nikon do not support 64 bit and, according to their tech-help, they have no plans to do so ), but a little bit of thought soon solved that issue.

All in all I'm very pleased with Win 7. Whether it be, as some say, a glorified service pack for Vista or a whole new OS, I don't know and I care even less - the bottom line, for me, is that it works and, so far, it works well and, if it continues to do so, I'll be at the head of the queue when it goes retail.

I never thought I'd hear myself say this but it's "Goodbye XP/ubuntu, hello, and welcome Windows 7 !".

  dth 16:34 17 Jan 2009

I agree with the previous post. I have (had) Vista on my laptop (with just one gb of ram and shared graphics) and it was ever so slow and also looked and felt clumbersome. But Win 7 (on the same laptop) runs much better and faster.

Also think it makes XP look seem very dated and old-fashioned but of course each to their own.

  Rob_08 17:49 17 Jan 2009

For about a year i have been telling eveyone on here that Vista wasnt anywhere near as good as XP. I had used it for 5 months prior to slating it and at the start i had a hard job convincing anyone , now i find its hard to convince anyone it doesnt suck.!
At least Windows 7 is a step in the right direction, it runs nicely but it isnt very intuitively laid out (same as Vista) and looks a bit weird. because that taskbar just has to go.Its way too big and makes the destop a bit odd looking. Like A childs first PC.

  iambeavis 18:09 17 Jan 2009

Right click the taskbar - choose properties then, on the taskbar tab, tick "Use small icons".

  Rob_08 20:05 17 Jan 2009

thank you for the handy tip.

  iambeavis 20:40 17 Jan 2009

My pleasure.

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