The BBC Vista Gloom!

  littlestan 17:28 23 Feb 2008

Hi guys, so for a basic home PC user (which apart from a few blips of incompatability at the start is quite enjoying vista) - does this mean that it is all going to crash horribly on me and all the programmes (which are very few and fairly run of the mill on my pc)are going to spit instructions of non discript blurb which will mean me inundating this site for help to decipher! and just as i was beginning to enjoy the experience. Can someone tell me in easy speak what all this vista any moment catastrophy means and should i return to pen and paper! thanks lots - worried new user.

  mrwoowoo 17:37 23 Feb 2008

There are actually only a few main stream programmes that are actually effected. click here
Don't install sp1 until it's proper release via windows updates in mid april by which time it should be sorted.
I will wait a bit longer as there is no rush since my pc runs just fine and to see if others have any problems.
As usual it's a bit of media sensationism,nothing to get exited about.

  littlestan 17:55 23 Feb 2008

Thanks v much - the programmes all seem a bit obscure to me with gobbldegook names! but hey ho what do i know - i'll keep tapping away then until i get the ok from the majority and won't install anything in the meantime.

  mrwoowoo 18:04 23 Feb 2008

Oh,there is an issue with the sp1 update causing pc's to keep rebooting in a loop but they have now removed this file from sp1 until they can find the cause/reason.
Another reason to wait for the all clear i feel.

  Girlfromschool 12:46 24 Feb 2008

media sensation?? please read my other posts. I'm very angry that I let it go on automatically.

  Forum Editor 13:32 24 Feb 2008

Vista is an excellent operating system, I certainly wouldn't run anything else on either my office or my home computers. Vista needs a fairly well-specified hardware environment to run well, certainly, but all new computers will easily be up to the job.

Relax and enjoy your computer, and stop worrying about impending disaster - it's not going to happen.

  tullie 09:29 25 Feb 2008

Can we ban Vista v XP threads,its getting boring and all are repeats(cant spell repititious)lol..

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