Backup help please!

  Wanderfly 12:01 13 Apr 2009

Help! I'm spitting blood I'm so mad!!!
I decided that after a while of clogging up my PC I'd reinstall Vista.
Like a good boy I did a full backup and even a separate copy of docs/pics etc.
Did the reinstall, went for the backup, useless.
I've lost my emails and contact information and as the backup is zipped I can't see how to get them again.
So, I have a full backup on an external hard drive and also the "old windows" files that Vista generates when you do a reinstall.
Now....where are my contacts and emails hiding?
Answers on a postcard please!

  brundle 15:00 13 Apr 2009

"even a separate copy of docs/pics etc."

Does the computer refuse to copy them, or say "Access denied" or some such? What happens?

  Wanderfly 16:01 13 Apr 2009

No, the pics, music & docs I've managed to somply copy back to their folders.
It's the MS Outlook contacts & emails I'd really like back.
I was massively disappointed in the Vista back-up. Once I'd completed a full back-up I thought I'd go for a restore just to make sure it'd had all worked correctly, before formating etc, well, it failed to recognise that I'd done one and more to the point where! ie on an external drive. I had to try the advanced restore and even then it couldn't find the back-up it had just done. I finally had to opt for a back-up from another computer, point it toward my external drive, even then though, having acknowledged and found the back-up folder it didn't restore correctly.
V frustrating!
Out of interest, what file name do emails have?
May have a search for them.

  brundle 16:13 13 Apr 2009

Yes, Vista backup has some flaws to say the least.

You need to look for .pst files for Outlook, normally located here;

C:\Users\<your account name>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook\Outlook.pst

When you find the file, import it using Outlook rather than just putting it in that folder.

  carolinebrown 12:41 21 Jan 2010

There are chances that the PST file may get corruption and error in the .PST file in MS Office 2002. So in this condition you will have to keep the back up of the PST file so that you may recover all the files from the backup in case the file get any type of corruption and error and hence becomes unable to be accessed. For that you can click here to get more information about the backup.

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