Awful Vista what a nonsense OS!

  lisa02 18:54 09 Mar 2008

Has just solved the problem for me.

2 1/2 weeks ago I reinstalled Vista (due to me messing about in the RAID settings) and installed all the updates. The other half got 2 BSODs about a week ago and it rebooted but he carried on working. I didn't do anything about it until today when the same happened again.

I looked at the front of the tower (XPS420) and error diagnostics lights 1 & 2 where lit, looked in the book and it says it's a PCI card problem. I have no expansion cards except the graphics card plugged in.

Back on the computer I looked in the control panel under "problems, reports and solutions" and Voila! Vista told me it was the graphics driver causing the problem and the offered solution was to look for an update or roll back to previous ones! As they where the most uptodate I rolled back to the Dell supplied disk ones.

I can remember a time when I'd have spent hours diagnosing a problem!

Easy Peasy.

  mrwoowoo 20:20 09 Mar 2008

Had the same sort of experience when i first got this pc about 2 months ago.
The first few days it kept crashing for no apparent reason.Looked in problems, reports and solutions and it informed me it was my nic card.
The solution to download the latest driver was followed and no more probs.
As you say,it would have taken a few days of trial and error to sort it out under xp(if at all).
On it's own ,it almost sells the case for vista.

  belfman 08:29 10 Mar 2008

Another point for Vista against the luddites that won't move on from XP.

  hssutton 08:49 10 Mar 2008

Vista has never done that for me, mind you in the 12 months of using it (Vista Ultimate) I've not had any problem.

  lisa02 09:06 10 Mar 2008

That's why then hssutton!

To explain further...

When I clicked "Problems, reports and solution" Under the lower heading it provided more information on the problem via a hyperlink. When clicked it said to look for alternate drivers (can't remember the exact wording now, there was a whole spiel) and provided a link to nvidia and an MS site.

  [email protected] 12:51 10 Mar 2008

"Another point for Vista against the luddites that won't move on from XP."
maybe some of us liked vista but could not justify the resources it used, know how to read logs in xp and install drivers cleanly.

  mazuk 11:00 11 Mar 2008

I think that people need to stop moaning about vista myself and thousands and thousands of people have had no problems....*can't wait till xp cut off date in june this will stop people moaning will be vista or linux lol

  Rob_08 12:46 11 Mar 2008

I for one dont moan about Vista coz i refuse to use it anymore.I gave up after 6 months of trying to like it.
And anyway the XP cut off in June will not stop people using it, hell.. theres still people using windows 98 out there.

  sinbads 19:04 11 Mar 2008

Some of us like vista, some don't, each of us have our reasons and our own preferences.

This forum comprises of people that have variety of OS going back to win95 this is where we all come either to find solutions or give support if we can.

The best OS is the one you are happy with.

Tit for tat and name calling reminds me of junior school -:)

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