AVG Update Manager

  keith mac 08:47 10 May 2008

I've successfully used AVG free edition since XP days and now in Vista.

Recently though, after manually checking for virus definition updates, I've found that the computer has to be restarted before 'Update Manager' is, in fact, updated.

This is not what I remember - I don't think the computer routinely needed to be restarted to complete the installation of new virus definition updates.

Do I have a problem or is this what other users experience?

  Sea Urchin 13:43 10 May 2008

Go to AVG Control Center > Highlight Update Manager > click Properties - on Properties tab ensure that "Update Immediately" is checked. Also under "If Computer Restart is Require" check "Require Confirmation from User" - some large updates do require a restart, but not many. Click Apply and OK

  keith mac 14:36 10 May 2008

That only gives me options on how and when to update and restart. I'm used to configuring these settings according to the availablity of a fast connection - slow wifi in the USA means I prefer to manually update and I've continued that here in the UK and I can easily remember to do it.

It prevents updates hanging when Vista is loading its many background programmes at times when the wireless connection is flaky or slow.

What I'm concerned about is that virtually every definition update results in the need to restart. I don't think that used to be the case, only as you say with large downloads for updated versions of the AVG software.

So do others have the same experiences as myself?

  crosstrainer 16:39 10 May 2008

If you are still using version 7.5 you will have problems under Vista. Upgrade to the free version of AVG 8, and all the hassle will vanish.

Had the same issues myself with 7.5 and Vista Ultimate. Version 8 no problems at all.

  Sea Urchin 16:46 10 May 2008

No, the method of updating is controlled by the Scheduler - not the Update Manager. The way I mentioned in my previous post was to stop it needing to restart, regardless of how you update - manually or automatically.

  keith mac 20:36 10 May 2008

Sorry Sea Urchin - I should have read the Update Manager more carefully. I've done what you suggested and will see if tis nails the problem.

Crosstrainer I don't know which version I'm using but I fancy it will be the latest as I always accept revisions as soon as offered. If I'm wrong I'll look for 8.0
Thanks to both for comments - I'll be back to update on outcome.


  keith mac 20:48 10 May 2008

What do I know? My version is 7.5.524 so I'm out of date. I'll get the latest version shortly.

  keith mac 22:12 10 May 2008

Cor that was a slow job! So now I've got version 8 and an exclamation mark stuck on the email scanner icon as I don't use an email programme.

Not to worry as I've hidden it and substituted the regular icon on th taskbar for easy access to the programme. I'll see if that's sorted the peculiarity I had....

  keith mac 20:05 12 May 2008

so far so good....Version 8 downloaded new virus deinitions without needing to restart the computer. Seems like it's sorted. Thanks for the suggetion crosstrainer.

  keith mac 20:08 12 May 2008

now I need to sort my keyboard - I keep finding characters missing from typed text - or is it my fingers that need sorting!

  keith mac 15:55 14 May 2008

for anyone reading this in future, I've found version 8 sorted my posted problem

May 14 2008

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