ATI Install crashing PC

  OTT_Buzzard 21:10 07 May 2009

Has anyone else had a problem installing ATI & CCC?

There are two versions available from ATI and both of them cause my computer to crash.

64bit RC, HD4870 1GB CF

  laurie53 20:59 08 May 2009

ATI OK for me once I'd installed the updates.

  morris948 17:40 17 May 2009

I had the same issue, after update it took it OK

  OTT_Buzzard 16:28 18 May 2009

I'm still seem to be having problems with this.

All updates are done and I've uninstalled all the ATI software and drivers. When I reboot, Windows detects both graphics cards and installs drivers.

When I come to install the CCC software it goes ok until the screen goes black and into standby mode - i.e. there is no longer an output from teh graphics card(s). I've tried plugging the monitor in to both outputs on both cards with no result.

Any ideas?

  morris948 20:31 19 May 2009

Not sure if i have an answer, but i have been running win 7 for nearly a week now, and i found lots of issues with the black screen as you mentioned, i eventually traced some problems to the power management settings.
by default, the screen was set to sleep after 20 mins, but would not wake up, the setting also required a password to continue.

So try going to screen preferences and switching all the timers to 'never' i got the OS to stay alive a lot longer since.

So far, my experiences with this RC version, i find it very unstable and prone to crashing.

  laurie53 07:18 20 May 2009

I have found the opposite - very stable on the laptop, though it does hang now and again on the desktop.

I'm certainly a convert, though whether I'll be able to afford two retail copies is another matter!

I might just replace my one copy of Vista, and stick with XP for the rest.

  OTT_Buzzard 18:03 20 May 2009

Ok, problem solved.
For whatever reasons the primary display adapter was disabled in device manager, so when W7 came to load the ATI display drivers there was no display device to use, therefore sending the monitor in to standby.

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