Anyone upgraded a Packard Bell?

  5HAD0W 15:59 23 Apr 2007

Hey all,
I just recieved my upgrade to Home Premium from moduslink, complete with PB companion DVD, but after reading all the upgrade horror stories I'm not sure if I'm brave enogh to try yet!

So, if anyone has tried to upgrade a PB out there, did it work, any driver issues? etc., any info would be much appreciated!

Personally I'm running a PB iMedia MC 2569 with XP MCE.
Many thanks.

  Kate B 16:24 23 Apr 2007

If you can, do a clean install.

  5HAD0W 16:59 23 Apr 2007

I was hoping not to have to do that, as I have only the Upgrade Version and am not too keen on the idea of the EULA breaching hack, nor locating and re-installing all of my programs - at least for the time being!

  anskyber 17:39 23 Apr 2007

I understand your reticence on a clean install. In fact if you decide to do a clean install you can do it from an upgrade disc and not use the "hack" It's an option on the upgrade path. click here

I do not have a PB so I cannot answer your question directly. I did however do an upgrade on my Dell from XP MCE to Home Premium without drama.

I did do as much preparation as I could prior to the upgrade and if you feel brave then I'm happy to set out some basics for you which worked for me.

  5HAD0W 20:11 23 Apr 2007

Thanks for pointing that out to me - I had no idea that a clean install could be done from an upgrade disk via an option on the upgrade path.

What basics would you recommend prior to commencing the installation? I should also note that my PC will be absolutely crucial to me until mid-way through May, so to play it safe I'll most likely be holding off any action at least until then.

In the meantime, however, I would be basically preparing my pc eg by finiding out which programs or drivers need updated/removed and trying to avoid or pre-empt any known issues!

Many Thaknks

  5HAD0W 20:12 23 Apr 2007

*Thaknks = Thanks

  anskyber 20:40 23 Apr 2007

OK. If this appears to be the obvious then apologies in advance.

The vista upgrade advisor may not be perfect but it's a good start. Any warnings sounded there about older programs lead me to ask if I really needed them and if I could replace with (free if poss) Vista alternatives. Think of it like moving house and a time to clear out even much loved items!

Drivers. I looked at the obvious ones. During install assuming you have a working internet connection Vista will go online and find drivers if they are there (or are not on the disc). If you have a USB modem consider using an ethernet modem/router which will not need updated drivers if they are not available for your model.

I found that for many drivers (including my RAID1 set up) there are drivers which are XP/Vista compliant so as belt and braces I installed before the Vista install even though I probably did not need to.

Look very carefully at things like your anti virus and so on. My suite of choice is Zonealarm Security Suite but it is still not out in Vista format. So it went (for a while) and I now use Avast for AV and, well, so far so good. Other programs, the "must haves" should be checked thoroughly.

As a last resort to gain courage I looked through here. click here the section on hardware is interesting.

Finally, I sat down with a glass of my best Merlot and did the deed. It took about 2 hours with several automatic reboots and I came out into the Vista sunshine. Along the way some of the screens said things like "initialising" seemingly endlessly, but holding back from the impulse to stop eventually got me there.

After it all I wondered why I stressed, but then I am human.

  5HAD0W 21:07 23 Apr 2007

Again thanks, I'll be sure to follow all of those tips.

You were right about the hardware link being interesting - I have a wireless router and the following USB network adapter
TalkTalk SNU5630NS 05 Wireless USB Adapter
and it lists this as compatibility unknown.
Does this mean it definitely does not work or it may work?

Without this I will not be able to go online for Vista to download necessary stuff.

Many thanks!

  anskyber 21:24 23 Apr 2007

No, it may work but I would check with your ISP and their web site, they may now have drivers for Vista.

  5HAD0W 19:45 25 Apr 2007

I have sent an email to TalkTalk as this info is not on their site. I have ticked this as resolved and thank you again for your time and suggestions.

  ForestChav 01:53 26 Apr 2007

does this model have the cd eject buttons on the chassis/keyboard? If so, then don't. There's no software for it yet so they won't work.

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