Anyone regret Vista as much as I do?

  jennydog 19:05 13 Feb 2008

Anyone regret Vista as much as I do?
I just cant get my head around it.I dont have the patience to play with it.Everything about it seems so long winded - it,s driving me mad any advice please.

  Jake_027 19:13 13 Feb 2008

Whats up with it particularly, I've noticed no problems

  anskyber 19:16 13 Feb 2008

Spend some time with it. Once you have the drift it is much simpler than XP.

Set aside an hour sometime and look at everything in the Control Panel, it's all there.

  NIGEY 19:28 13 Feb 2008

Agree with anskyber,Get to know it...i prefer it to xp, so much more modern looking and in my opinion its quicker than xp,Vista for me all the way here,no going back to xp,im lovin it no probs here so stable,recomend it.

  lisa02 19:40 13 Feb 2008

No, not regretted it one bit. It's been solid except when I first connected to the net and the updates came flooding in. That was fixed with updating all my drivers etc.

Vista is simpler but ya just need a while to learn how it works is absolutely right.

  25paul 19:43 13 Feb 2008

i don't see why its a problem for anyone. just use it. after a while it becomes normal and you forget about xp. i know i have. i think people in general just don't like change. it's time to let go and move on. if its still so much of a problem then go back to xp and be happy with that.

regards paul.

  skidzy 20:28 13 Feb 2008

Vista is in my opinion way ahead of xp.
Yes ive had a few issues but nothing that cannot be sorted.
It is a small new learning curve and once you have had a play around as anskber says,you will have a better feel for it.

UAC can be a bit of a pain,but its there for your protection but can be disabled if needed (not recommended).

If you have a specific problem with Vista,please post your query and will try to help out.

  jennydog 01:00 14 Feb 2008

Well I think I've been told ! but I do like a system that will do what you ask it to do - should not have persuade it, Vista fights so much. But thanks for all the stick, it's good to know that if I need to ask you'l be there. Bye for now

  birksy 17:21 15 Feb 2008

It's like going back to a horse after a car.
Five times the equipment for half the speed.

  Mick248 18:13 15 Feb 2008

I have to say I do like the look of Vista and found it quite a simple transition from XP.

However in the few months I have had Vista I would say that I have had at least 20 times the problems with silly things, compared to the 3 years I had XP.

I really wished I had waited for SP1. A point i make to everyone considering the change.

  tullie 18:46 15 Feb 2008

The best thing i ever did was install Vista,and this is after using XP since its birth.

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