Anyone got their "express upgrade" Disc yet?

  Jake_027 18:48 01 Feb 2007

Mine is showing up as COA Validated, but I know it says on he website it will ship 4-6 weeks after Vista is released. Just wondered if anyone has thiers already and if not will you post on here so I have a rough idea as to when mine might arrive.

Thanks :)


  chriscross72 22:13 01 Feb 2007

delivery depends on how fast bill gates can copy the vista discs on the pc in his study, and if he has ordered enough blank cd's...... ; )) sorry bill ha ha

  ed-0 00:55 02 Feb 2007

I've got the same.

Order Status : COA validated
Shipping Date :
Carrier : Standard
AWB# :

Just gotta wait for it now.

  skeletal 10:33 02 Feb 2007

Still waiting.

If you ask me, Vista doesn’t really exist; it started to, but then turned itself off with its own DRM systems.

But at least nVidia have Vista drivers now.


  mattyc_92 11:02 02 Feb 2007

"But at least nVidia have Vista drivers now."

Yes but you forget this is the famous Microsoft we are talking about. In a week's time, they would of released a patch that changes the whole security system, making nVidia and Co to make new drivers ;-)

  Fateful Shadow 11:11 02 Feb 2007

Not all of them ¬_¬ ...

  skeletal 11:19 02 Feb 2007

Doh...and here was me happily pretending that, if I had the upgrade disc, everything would be working perfectly.

My illusions are shattered...



  Jake_027 14:00 08 Feb 2007

Anyone got it yet?

  john-231489 15:13 08 Feb 2007


  matmou 15:24 08 Feb 2007

I got through to the moduslink helpline (00800 66644666) on Tuesday only waiting 10 mins! I ordered the upgrade on 26 Dec - went through after several attempts. Then got confirmation email asking for proof of purchase. I emailed my invoice form sony style about a week later and asked them to confirm receipt. Never heard anything so rang today on the above number, gave my order number, and they told me my invoice has been validated and I will receive an email when they despatch the upgrade. They could not give me an estimate when but at least they said I will get it!

  skeletal 19:49 08 Feb 2007

matmou: that is interesting. I have also heard nothing; worry is, have they got my correct details, or can't they be bothered to keep people informed? I hope it is the latter.

Considering the huge fanfair surrounding Vista, I think all this is a poor show myself, particularly as I am paying £16 for the "free" upgrade. The £16 is therefore just for the wonderful service we are getting...


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