any one with IE 8 problems

  Devil Fish 22:46 15 Jan 2009

ie 8 seems to have gone south on me not connecting to anything diagnostics finding no fault have run a ping test the internet connection is definitly their.

currently reverted firefox 3 will look into it tomorrow firewall first point of call, but if any one has any ideas that might cut the search down would be appreiciated.

will also inform MS of the problem on feed back

thanks in advance

  anskyber 23:20 15 Jan 2009

No, fine so far.

  Legolas 08:48 16 Jan 2009

I reverted to firefox 3 right away but after reading your thread I think I will give IE8 a try just to see if it is stable on my system.

  Coltch 09:54 16 Jan 2009

The only problem I seem to have with IE8 (apart from not liking it) is it seems sluggish loading pages. Going to install Firefox and use that.

  Chegs ®™ 05:29 17 Jan 2009

I decided to remove the few "favourites" loaded in IE8 from the default installation.I had several instances appear of "windows will now close this program" each time I tried to delete but after restarting IE,I did eventually remove the various folders.Then Win 7 decided to object to my pendrive(where I had saved all my favourites from my other machine)and loaded drivers for an "Unknown Device" I cured this apparent lack of coherent thought from Win 7 by inserting the pendrive into a different USB port after rebooting and it picked up the pendrive effortlessly.

  Devil Fish 13:27 18 Jan 2009

i think i have narrowed the problem to one of the additional updates rolled the system back prior to the updates and ie 8 is back now in the process of instaling them one by one to see which if any is causing the problem money at the moment on the network card though i use wireless

  Devil Fish 16:37 13 Feb 2009

reinstalled optional updates and all appears well

will see how we go

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