Another Vista SP1 query

  Totally-braindead 14:44 12 May 2008

I'm back on XP and many of you may recall but have a Vista Upgrade disk which I will probably try again sometime.

Because of this I decided to get the SP1 update disk and I am somewhat puzzled by it.
It says on it "IMPORTANT, if you have Internet access please install the latest updates from
Windows Update BEFORE installing SP1:"

Now the query is this, surely the windows updates include SP1, so if you download the latest updates then you will in fact have downloaded SP1 and therefore have no reason to actually use this disk.

This makes no sense to me. Can anyone clarify as to what they mean?

  Pine Man 15:08 12 May 2008

I suspect that it refers to the driver updates that need to be downloaded to enable SP1 to be installed BUT on the face of it you are right, SP1 is an update!

  Jim_F 15:31 12 May 2008

I think the installer packages themselves need to be updated before SP1 can be installed: click here

  anskyber 17:02 12 May 2008

Jim_F is right see also click here there are some updates which are needed.

  Totally-braindead 17:06 12 May 2008

Ah now it begins to make sense. Sort of. The updater needs to be updated.

Mind you thinking about that why is the updater update not part of SP1.

Seems to me that Microsoft have mucked this up a bit haven't they. It kind of sounds like almost a Catch 22 scenario. Notice I say almost.

  Rob_08 17:53 12 May 2008

Vista has the taste of Windows M.E about it dont you think ?.
I'm beginning to think it was a test-bed release.
Its such a mess.

  Rob_08 18:31 12 May 2008

Seriously they have to sort the whole thing out, the update system is confusing and nothing near as clear and organised as the old XP updates page. I just dont get it, i dont get why after 7 years of success with XP they totally moved away from it and released such a different and rather poor O.S. Unless my suspicions in my previous post are true. I bought it as well so im not laughing either.
I wouldnt know when to install the SP1 i have on CD, and i doubt anyone else does for definite.

  Totally-braindead 18:42 12 May 2008

I had problems with Vista and had to revert to XP but in my opinion ME was a lot worse than Vista. And considering ME was meant to be Win98SE with addons I do wonder how they made such a mess of it. For me Win98 was very stable and ME was crash city.
Now I have XP and prefer it to Vista but it was tested more than any OS before it. The trouble is that its also bigger and more complicated than anything that came before, similar to the jump between Win ME and XP.
I don't know if you recall but when XP came out there was a lot more problems than there seems to be with Vista so I don't feel you are being entirely fair.
Must admit I don't think much of Vista personally although this is more to do with how much hardware it needs which I think is way over the top but I don't think it was a test-bed release at all.
Some people love it. I'm just not one of them.

  anskyber 18:45 12 May 2008

You do not need to know when to install SP1, it will be offered to you when it is ready for your machine. If you try to ahead of the normal updates route you may be lucky and you may be not.

The point is things are best left (if you are concerned) to the automatic route, there is no pressure other than the pressure you are putting on yourself.

The update system is very clear, just leave it to do it's job. If you must over ride it and fiddle then the outcome is yours not MS.

  anskyber 18:47 12 May 2008

If you are not one of them then why worry any more about it and stay with XP.

I've never understood folk who spend ages talking about things they do not want, it's pointless.

  Totally-braindead 21:08 12 May 2008

anskyber I wanted to know about the disk as I might retry Vista and even if I don't it will be useful when I work on PCs with Vista on it hence my query.
Regarding my comments about Vista thats just my opinion as I personally felt that the comments made were a bit unfair to Vista.

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