Annoyances In Vista's Design

  Jake_027 00:11 29 Apr 2007

Having had Vista installed for just over a week now, I am generally quite pleased with it. However, some of the design seems quite strange to me. Take the following examples:

-Pressing the off symbol in the start menu doesn't shut down the PC (ie. turn it off as the off symbol suggests), no, it puts the machine into standby. And as yet I haven't found a way to change this. I know you only have to click to the right, but it is annoying.

-system restore. Ahh I need to create a restore point so I'll just go to the system restore shortcut in the start menu. But no "To create a restore point, open system protection". Why? Why not have everything to do with system restore in the system restore window?

-like aero? Yes its great, but only if you don't maximize the window. I can strech my window to cover the screen, but if I maximize it (it still covers the same area) then aero is turned off. search me why?

-UAC, I know there is a lot of controversy over this but I thought nothing of it until I got vista myself. Want to change the comment on a shortcut? You'll have to OK that 4 times, yes 4, why? Talk about overkill.

On the plus side, I've had no driver issues and everything seems to be OK, but it's just things like that that really detract from the overall benefit of Vista.

Anyone else got similar moans, or is Vista really working perectly?


  Forum Editor 00:28 29 Apr 2007

1. The symbol you're referring to isn't an 'off' symbol, it's a power symbol, although I agree that it might cause some confusion. You're the first person I've seen mention it.

2. There isn't a system restore shortcut on the start menu by default.You access it via the all programs/accessories/system tools menu, just as you did in Windows XP.

3. Aero doesn't turn off when I maximise a window.

4. UAC irritates a lot of people, but it's there for a good reason, and it's easy to turn it off.

  Why wont it work 00:40 29 Apr 2007

Curious, my aero turns off when I maximise a page too. Instead of transparent it goes plain black. I have only just noticed that. I wonder if its something to do with the graphics drivers if the FE doesn't have the same problem. I have ATI myself.

  Jake_027 00:46 29 Apr 2007

I'm on intel GMA 950 on a Core 2 Laptop, I thought it may have been to do with integrated gfx but then I wondered why it doesn't turn off when I size them myself. Mine too go black. Initally I thought firefox caused it but it even does the same with Office 2007-Microsofts own software.

FE-Thats the shortcut I'm referring to, I just don't understand why MS put each part of System Restore in a different place. And I was tempted to turn UAC off, but I kept it on for security.


  Dipso 00:57 29 Apr 2007

I've been looking into a problem I have (see below) and stumbled across an explanation for the black title bar. "It's meant to do that because when an app is maximised you are giving it your full attention and hence don't need the transparency to see what is going on behind it." I suppose that's logical.

My problem is my task bar is always black...even if I have aero/transparency enabled. I've done a bit of searching and see that this is a common problem. However, I just rebooted my system and noticed that for a brief moment the task bar was a a slighly darker clour/shade than my current desktop but then it reverted back to black, which suggests some incompatibilty or incorrect setting to me. Would be interested to know if others experience the same.

Re- the power button problem. If you go Start>Control Panel> System Maintenance> Power Options you see the option Change what the power buttons do. I've just been trying this out but it doesn't seem to change the setting for me. It has been suggested that this refers to the actual physical power up button but I'm not sure. I have actually got used to using the sleep mode as I found Vista slow to Start up than XP and it resumes much quicker when woken up.

I agree with the Sytem restore comment...I find it a long winded way of getting to it.

  Dipso 01:31 29 Apr 2007

Sorted the black taskbar problem after a hint from another forum .I disabled Google Desktop and the transparency re-appeared :)

  anskyber 09:26 29 Apr 2007

The power button is simple to change, Ive done mine. click here

  anskyber 09:35 29 Apr 2007

Incidentally, to make the above link clear, when you choose to change the settings in the final action make sure you select "start menu power button" to change.

The other option of power button and lid will as Dipso suggests actually change the machines physical button rather than the one in question.

  Kate B 13:47 29 Apr 2007

We did an amused piece about the various Off options last year click here

  Dipso 14:04 29 Apr 2007

Thanks for that link. Trouble is now I've got used to it not shutting down I don't think I want to change it. At least I now know how.

  powerless 16:25 29 Apr 2007

You can create a shortcut in your quick launch if you want so there is no need to even touch a power button or even click the orb.

You can have the shortcut anywhere you want really.

Create a shortcut and add:

shutdown -r -t 60

This will restart Vista in 60 seconds.

shutdown -s -t 60

This will shutdown Vista in 60 seconds.

To have it do a restart or shutdown right away:

-t 0

You might want to add another which will abort the shutdown if you change your mind:

shutdown -a

There are more options available if you run the follwing at a command prompt:

shutdown /?

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