American Vista?!

  simon_lambert 10:34 15 Feb 2007

Office 2007 and Vista HP are only £70 each in America ( Is there any drawbacks in buying the American versions? Thanks

  anskyber 11:23 15 Feb 2007
  Totally-braindead 13:44 15 Feb 2007

Although there are no problems with it working you are subject to customs and I think I am right in saying will not deliver to the UK and the same can be said about a lot of US companies.
If you're going over there and bringing it back with you then thats fine but if you try to order it and get them to send it here you may have problems.

  mike1967 17:36 15 Feb 2007 used to deliver to the uk any reason they have stopped

  anskyber 17:40 15 Feb 2007

To stop us importing cheaper goods from abroad.

There will be issues about import duty VAT and so on but the real reason in my view is to maintain the status quo.

  mike1967 17:41 15 Feb 2007

Just tried it won't allow it!!!

Oh well just a case of Rip Off Britain again

  Kate B 17:53 15 Feb 2007

I think it's more about fraud prevention. A lot of online stores won't let you order from them unless you have a credit card registered in that country.

  mike1967 05:59 16 Feb 2007

No I know can order from, I think its just the microsoft software which is a problem, they state geographical problems(rip off Britian)

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