All about Vista and viruses/trojans/spywaremalware

  setecio 16:00 03 Sep 2007

UAC should stop unthorised installation of viruses, trojans, spyware etc. Standard accounts should provide further potection. Vista should have greatly improved security over XP.

These are the sort of impressions I have picked up.

Are there any good articles, web pages, forum topic etc, that look at the real world experience of Vista and malware security ... eg UAC seems to block effective virus scanning and needs to be turned off before scanning ...etc ....

I'd like to read about the recommended ways to run Vista, to stop activation of malware, without severly inconveniencing users in their ability to use it the way they want to.

Any links or comments? Thanks.

  tullie 14:09 04 Sep 2007

UAC doesent,from my experience,stop any of those things,which,i suppose is why we have seperate anti virus,firewall,malware detectors,correct me if im wrong?

  Probabilitydrive 14:25 04 Sep 2007

Vista's UAC feature is here to minimize security risks by running most applications as 'standard user', and thereby reducing the risk that an attacker could gain admin rights to the machine. As such, it does not stop malware you still need a security suite.

  skidzy 15:07 04 Sep 2007

There is a lot to be said about Vista and UAC.

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Personally if children or more than person has access to the pc,leave UAC enabled.

Im the only user on my Vista machine,basically its out of bounds to the kids.
Now i have UAC on and sometimes off,depending what im doing...if only for ease of access.

You will still need some security suite of sorts.

  rawprawn 17:01 04 Sep 2007

If you turn UAC off and you are keeping "Host Files" up tp date. The Host file protection doesn't work.
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  setecio 17:32 04 Sep 2007

I thought viruses were similar to software installing and writing to system areas ... therefore why does a virus not trigger UAC when it first reaches the computer and tries to install?

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