Aero help needed

  ROB.R 11:59 07 May 2007

i have tried to run aero but i dont know what i am doing help needed. i have one gig of ram if that helps but i dont know how to setup my pc to run it. please help me.

  ROB.R 12:05 07 May 2007

this is the laptop toshiba p100-160
100 gig hard drive
1 gig ram
128 mb graphics
vista home p
1.60 GHZ dual Core

  Kate B 12:29 07 May 2007

What version of Vista have you got? If it's Home Basic you won't have Aero.

what does it say on perfomance in control panel/ vista welcome? you should get cpu, ram, aero, games/business grx and disk performace scores, as i remember, if the aero score is 3 or under it wont load it.
it was on mine automatically when i first installed, i mean, i didnt have to set it up

  ROB.R 14:11 07 May 2007

it says 3.5 and its vista Home Premium

  ROB.R 14:28 07 May 2007

thank you all got it now cool .

  aortic 08:52 08 May 2007

Hi All,

I have a rateing of just 2.40 and aero runs on the waqy any idea of how to up the windows score

i wouldnt worry about it too much it makes little sense, i had an amd 3500/ 7600gt set up with a higher score than a dual core 8800 gtx, if you mess about with power settings etc you can get 4+ out of a pretty basic pc, if its a recent nvidia just turn on coolbits and let the program find optimum safe setting. but as i said the way it measures is puzzling, a slightly overclocked £30 cpu got a better rating than a £200 one and a £70 grx card got aero 5.9, gaming 5.7 and a £400 grx card aero 5.9 gaming 5.9.
so if it works ok leave it be, is my advice

btw using unsigned beta drivers knocks .3 off score on mine

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