Adding a website to trusted zone on IE (Vista)

  funkey_monkey 13:47 29 Jun 2008

My internet banking uses and e-safekey and to install it the site needs to be added to Vistas liist of trusted sites. The instructions provided to me are as follows:

-Click Tools and choose Internet Options
-Go to the Security tab and choose Trusted sites
Make sure there isn’t a tick in the box “Enable Protected Mode”
-Click the button called Sites
-Remove the tick in the box next to Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone
-Delete the text in the box “Add this website to the zone” and write the text
-Click Add > Put a tick in the box next to Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone > Click Close
-Click the button Default level
-Click OK
-Restart Internet Explorer and log on to eBanking again.

For some reason IE will not let me add the website to the trusted list. I get the following error msg:

"There was an unexpected error with your zone settings. Unable to add this site."

Any ideas?

  mrwoowoo 16:56 29 Jun 2008

Maybe UAC is being over zealous as the site is not in your local intranet zone and therefore seen as a threat.
Turn off UAC (CONTROL PANEL>USER ACCOUNTS>turn off user account control)then try to add it.
You can turn UAC back on afterwards if you so wish.

  funkey_monkey 18:22 29 Jun 2008

Hmm... no joy, unfortunately that results in the same error message.


  mrwoowoo 21:50 29 Jun 2008

I take it you realize that you should type the full web address for
I can't write it as it will come out as a shortcut(perhaps thats why you didn't do it.)
I.e,with the (hope this works)
click here.
preceding the northernbank.

  mrwoowoo 21:53 29 Jun 2008

No it didn't.Drat these shortcuts.
When you click the link you can see what i mean in the address bar.
Put that in front of

  funkey_monkey 09:10 30 Jun 2008

I tried that also - no job - with the https: url where the banking is done and the http from the site home page.

Neither works. :-(

  mrwoowoo 17:45 30 Jun 2008

I've noticed that whatever site you are on it's added to the trusted zone ready to be acknowleged.
So whilst on your banking home page just open trusted sites and sites and your bank will be there.Then just click add.
Sorry if it's a lame idea but i just tried it and it worked for me.
Sorry,i've got nothing else)O:!

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