Add XP to Vista boot menu? Help!

  silverous 16:32 18 Feb 2007


I had XP on my machine. I removed the disk (to keep safe) and put a new drive in to install Vista on. I have now added my original drive back in and once booted into Vista I can see it and the data on it however I'd like to have the Vista boot manager present an option to boot into XP on my original hard disk...

Boot.ini is no longer around so I think I'll need to use bcdedit or something however it only seems to allow specification of a drive letter. My old XP is drive X: under XP but it doesn't seem to work when I add that as an o/s - it just reboots after I select it on boot.

Thanks for your help!



  BurrWalnut 17:18 18 Feb 2007

Try VistaBootPro from here click here

  silverous 18:46 18 Feb 2007

Yeah tried that already, it isn't that simple I don't think. That was what I used to add the legacy XP to the menu. I think the issue is that vista isn't 'aware' of XP because I installed XP first. XP shows as X: drive under vista so when I added XP I chose X: as the drive, should I have chosen C: ?

  Pine Man 19:13 18 Feb 2007


  thms 17:30 19 Feb 2007

I had the same problem the only way I found round this is to install vista with xp drive connected.

xp must be installed first.

Disconnect your vista drive and make sure you can still boot from your xp drive.

Next connect your vista drive boot from cd and do a clean install. After boot up you will be given the choice of vista or previous windows.

This is not without it's risks as vista installs the bcedit on your xp drive. So if your xp drive goes you lose booting into vista.

I sent hours trying to get this to work and the above is the only way I found that worked for me anyway.

  thms 17:44 19 Feb 2007

See also
click here

  silverous 12:57 20 Feb 2007

There has to be a way to do this, if it can do it that way round surely it can be done the other.... will do some more resarch....

  Pine Man 15:23 20 Feb 2007

I am having a new PC delivered soon with Vista preloaded as well as other software. It will have a second hard drive on which I intended to load XP but everything I read including your thread suggests that it cannot be done. I have no intention of re-installing Vista!

It does occur to me with my limited skills that, maybe, a strict 'dual boot' is the wrong way to do it. I know this sounds daft but I know that there are proprietry boot managers on the market which allow you to select the drive you want before any o/s has been started. So how about having two separate drives one with XP and one with Vista both loaded independantly of each other and neither relying on the other for boot up?

  thms 18:03 20 Feb 2007

Have a look here someone has managed it

click here

of course if it doesn't work you may end up not being able to boot from either drive.

  silverous 09:17 21 Feb 2007

That is slightly different in that I don't want to install XP I already have it on a disk but it may work. Not sure I want to risk both installations in this way - maybe I'll be happy just swithcing the drives over if necessary !

  Zeppelyn 10:18 21 Feb 2007

I have done this by booting from the Vista dvd and selecting repair option after the country selection screen. Vista will see the XP install and add it to the boot menu as Windows XP (recovered). Make sure your boot.ini on "C" is pointing to the relevant drive. This worked for me using Vista Ultimate DVD.

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