Acronis 10 and dvd problem

  MIke 20:11 10 Apr 2008

Hi all

I rtecently bought a HP Pavilion d6710 Laptop with vista home premium. After uninstalling demos etc and setting up my e-mail and so forth I created True image backup on a separate partition and burnt the resulting files to DVD's.

I also created a full Boot cd. On testing this backup I find that although the dvd drive is listed as a source I can't actually access the disc in there. I've checked the help screen and it says to put the last disc in first and change discs as requested. Although TI lists the drive it can't be accessed. Back in windows, of course, all is OK.

I've used V 8 with XP and had no issues there. Any ideas?

  Pine Man 08:53 11 Apr 2008

I suspect from your thread that you are using V8 of Acronis.

Vista requires V10 onwards.

  stylehurst 14:04 11 Apr 2008

Is V10 suitable for Windows Vista? I thought you needed V11

  Pine Man 16:47 11 Apr 2008

Acronis® True Image 10.0 Home
Supported operating systems
• Windows® 2000 Professional SP 4
• Windows® XP SP 2
• Windows XP Professional x64 Edition
• Windows Vista

  Pine Man 18:23 11 Apr 2008

The latest is - Acronis® True Image Home® version 11.0 (build 8,053)

  Pine Man 19:09 11 Apr 2008

My apologies I did misunderstand but anyway if Mike is going to venture into a new version of TI he may as well get the most up to date.

  MIke 21:35 11 Apr 2008

Sorry didn't make it clear in my Original post I upgraded to V 10 as I knew i'd be changing my laptop and V 8 isn't compatible with Vista Typically V11 came out a few weeks later!

I made the images at the default DVD size on a separate partion then archived them to DVD using Vista's Ashampoo Burning Studio 7 I used to use that on my Old XP Laptop, albeit to make cd's as it didn't have a DVD burner, with no issues.

I'll try to see if there are any updates to V 10 out there to see if that helps. presumably all I'd need to do is create a new boot disc from most recent build.

I do have an external USB drive I use with my Desktop PC. I've copied the DVD images there and they are visible to TI V10 so I do have some means of getting out of trouble if needs be other than using the recovery partition and starting from scratch!

  MIke 22:11 11 Apr 2008


If that's the case why does V 8 work under XP I've made DVD images of my desktop and have used them to restore my desktop many times!

Which gives me an idea I wonder if my V8 boot disc will allowmy vista laptop to read the dvd?

I'll try it now while I think of it!

  MIke 23:26 11 Apr 2008


Just checked using my V 8 boot disc. Again DVD can't be read. I also made an image to DVD of The HP recovery partition. I checked this and found it could be read.

Your comments on how disc might have been written made me think 'What did I do differently?'

I decided to burn another backup set. On checking the burn options I noticed that Burn in disc at once mode was uncheked. I'm pretty sure when I created the dvd's that were unreadable two check boxes were ticked. Finalise DVD and Burn in disc at once mode.

I therefore made another set of discs this time only with finalise disc checked, and not disc at once mode.

On checking these discs they can be read.

So it appears writing in disc at once mode was the cause of the problem.

Thanks for your ideas which made me think about how the discs were written


  MIke 23:26 11 Apr 2008

Ticking resolved

  MIke 01:27 12 Apr 2008


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