Acer Visa update disc

  Quiet Life 14:02 02 May 2007

Is it possible to install this temporarily on another computer to see how it worked and if OK register it on this other machine. Both computers have their own separate copies of XP.

  BurrWalnut 15:10 02 May 2007

Yes but don't key in the Product Code and don't activate it. Also, it's best not to get any downloads when asked during the installation.

  Totally-braindead 15:20 02 May 2007

I'm not 100% sure but I think the answer would be no. The Vista upgrade is for the Acer and therefore you are meant to put it on the Acer. Whether installing the upgrade on a different PC would be in breach of the licence I just don't know.

However having said that, unless the disk is created for the Acer alone ie if it has things in it specific to the Acer then it might work in another PC. But if you used it on another PC and registered it then you would find that you couldn't then delete it from the other PC and use it on the Acer, hope you see what I mean.

My upgrade disk which came was just the standard Vista Premium Upgrade disk and not one specific to any PC. And I believe I could have installed that as an upgrade on any PC - though I could be wrong on this. I had problems and decided to revert to XP in the meantime but from what some others have said I am under the impression that some of the upgrade disks come with the name of the manufacturer on it. If this is the case with your upgrade then it might not work as it might identify the PC wasn't the Acer it was meant to be for.

So basically I am unsure as to whether you could do it as I don't know enough about the upgrade disks people are being supplied by companies like Acer.

I'm sure someone on the Forum will know and answer you.

  BurrWalnut 15:33 02 May 2007

Perhaps wrongly, I was under the impression that an upgrade disk was just an upgrade disk like the ones you and I have but maybe there are manufacturer specific DVDs.

I don't remember this upgrade situation arising when XP was introduced, do you?

  Totally-braindead 16:02 02 May 2007

No but there have been a few people commenting on the Vista upgrade disks and they have said they were marked for a particular computer manufacturer hence me being unsure if they would work in all PCs.
Mine as I said was a standard Vista upgrade disk not a branded one so I see no reason that it wouldn't work on any PC but wonder about Quiet Lifes one.

  Zeppelyn 16:46 02 May 2007

Well I have installed a HP branded express upgrade disk on a spare pc just to try Vista out and it worked fine. I did'nt enter the product key nor activate it. That machine is now back to XP but have not yet took the plunge and installed the upgrade on the HP lappy it was meant for.

  Quiet Life 16:59 02 May 2007

Many thanks Zeppelyn. I got two discs one being the Acer upgrade disc which came up with the message this is not an Acer machine and would go no further.
Following your message I started the Vista disc and it looks as if it would load OK.
It would be interesting to know if somebody has in fact activated and registered a branded disc on another machine.

  Ashrich 23:31 04 May 2007

Actually it is perfectly possible , I am running Vista Business that came as an upgrade disk , although it contains all the full versions , for an HP laptop on my Fujitsu Siemens lappy , loaded and activated with no problems , all updates downloaded and it works fine .


  Quiet Life 11:14 05 May 2007

Thanks Ashrich.

  Ashrich 15:51 05 May 2007

Can I just add that I did a clean install with the " upgrade " disk s it contains full versions of Vista .


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