acer aspire m1610 refuses to factory reset

  nufclad147 06:44 13 Jan 2011

i have a problem with my friends parents acer apire m1610 vista pc when trying to factory reset the proceedure seems to format drive load files an when it reboots to desktop i get E recovery banner an on screen window an message saying " completing 1/14 task" however no matter how long it is left 3 or 4 hrs it never completes task 1 let alone 14 it just seems to hang with repeative images transition and rotating ifon symbol timer ..while in this state i can browes thro computer behind the banner docs. control panel but cant work programes its locked..annoying as cant use the make e recovery back up disk it seems the recovery partition is bad .unless some 1 has any ideas of a way forward..

what i have done is unplugged the sata hhd with vista on an installed a spare ide hhd loaded XP i didnt want format the sata hdd with vista on incase the problem can be resloved - i installed xp on this spare hdd to test the components of the pc an xp installed fine an working.. so im thinking i have the following options

1 hope there is some advice to salvage the vista on recovery partition..

2 inquire with acer if the can supply a full recovery cd with vista an drivers on

if this is possible what is my chances of the system hangin on vista install on task 1/14 with a recovery cd install acer supply

3 stick to using xp on the system but would really like to know why the pc is now acting this way ...

many thanks with any support given

  Kevscar1 09:45 13 Jan 2011

Have they got a Vista disk. Complete reinstall should fix things

  nufclad147 00:38 14 Jan 2011

No they don't have a vista disc and foolishly didn't make the CD recovery Disc in acers E recovery section. I was just thinking of another friends experiences when he to found his recovery partition corrupted an had not made back cd..He contacted HP an they supplied for his imedia a full xp install an driver setup set of 2 discs £30 ish only prob been they wer dvd discs an his model was cd writer only had to buy and fit a dvd reader to install it..i was thinking calling acer to find if they can supply a recovery pack an price....

just my only other option is to advise my friends parents to buy a vista QEM but just slightly worried its wasted money if it don't install..yet xp is maybe my concerns is not needed..

i just wish i had a vista disc just test the dam thing lol

  mooly 08:45 14 Jan 2011

Have you tried running ERecovery from initial boot by pressing ALT and F10 rather than from within windows ?

  nufclad147 13:45 14 Jan 2011

yes that was the method i did this alt f10 whats strange is the procedure would copy files to zero to 100% reboot ask me location then them times zone then goes to desktop before the banner e recovery preforming 1 to 14 tasks .. i left it 5 hrs an then over night each time it stuck on that screen task 1 of 14 :O(.... guess my only option now is to ring acer ask if they do recovery cd for models like hp did for £30 for me mate..better then having to buy a new vista.. here hoping ..

  mooly 18:45 14 Jan 2011

Hard to believe the recovery partiton is corrupt really.
Have any partitons been altered or created, resized etc.

Recovery discs may be an option.

Only other thing I could suggest is to ask on the Acer forum,
click here

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