Acer Aspire laptop is nervous

  dave leonard 01:31 13 Jun 2011

My laptop has a problem staying focused. For example, when I am looking at my photos after about a minute all the photos start flashing on the screen rapidly. This will not stop until I click F-5 to refresh and then after about a minute it starts flashing all over again. The same thing happens in documents and on the desk top. Where ever I place my cusor on the desk top the subject starts jumping nervously until I refresh and keep refreshing. I run win 7 Ultimate. Any ideas? Thanks.

  dave leonard 03:02 15 Jun 2011

If my laptop is infected, wouldn't my Norton antivirus find it? Is there a cleansing process available here on this site?

  chub_tor 19:05 15 Jun 2011

From the one Google search that I did I could find only one similar instance which turned out to be a graphics driver problem. Worth checking your card to see if an update helps.

  dave leonard 05:19 17 Jun 2011

I hate to admit it but I don't know how to find the graphics driver. I went to device manager and looked at all the catagories and sub catagories but did not find a graphics driver. I can go into "safe mode" and do msconfig to reinstall all the drivers, but thats all I know.

  a member 10:20 17 Jun 2011

msconfig is just a simple configuration tool ,allowing users to change boot menu settings /startup programs/etc. you need to go into device manager ,its almost certainly a graphics related problem , driver or faulty graphics card. enter device manager by right clicking "my computer" icon and select properties, select device manager. click on the little arrow next to display adapters ,and you will see your driver name appear immediately below ,right click it and select update driver ,and select search automatically for drivers and click ok. if its simply a driver problem ,that should find a better or newer driver . have you recently installed a game that may have altered your driver settings . if you have ,and it was immediately before the problem started ,you could try system restore ,to before you installed it . other options are ,to disable the driver via device manager .and reboot your pc ,it should recognize the hardware and reinstall the driver with default settings . .do not uninstall the driver unless you have first ,downloaded a copy of the correct driver that you can reinstall when needed.

  dave leonard 02:23 18 Jun 2011

Ok I did all that. I guess we will wait and see. I have noticed that as soon as I came back up in windows I did have to refesh (F-5) once to stop the jumping but it will take some time to observe the photos to see if they have stopped flashing when pulled up. Thanks

  a member 10:33 18 Jun 2011

is it a new laptop or an older one ,I ask because I was asked to repair a laptop a year or so ago and it had similar problems ,icons and pictures would sometimes flash and occasionally dissappear . it turned out to be simple overheating .the user had been using it in a place where there was a lot of dust and fluff ,in her case a carpet . simply switching off and using an attachement from a hoover (carpet cleaner) I cleaned and sucked out all of the dust via the various vents ,not forgetting all of the seams and ports .it worked and the machine perfomed faultlessly again . either way if it is not cured by driver reinstallation or cleaning ,it would be odds on to be a faulty graphics card .

  dave leonard 02:41 20 Jun 2011

Its only a year old and I use the air circulater under the laptop to cool it. I reinstalled the drivers (all), and so far the photos have stopped flashing. I still have to refresh (f5) right away when I pull up windows or whatever icon I click on, the cursor jumps to the next icon and pulls that up. When I move the cursor down to shut down and try to use hibernate the graphics jump a bit but I refresh and all is ok again. That's just a minor thing, I'm just glad the uncontrolable flashing has stopped. Whenever I pull up the graphics card in devices windows says its working fine.

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