Acer 1640Z laptop with Windows XP- crashed.

  geordiefred 16:46 06 May 2015

I crashed the Acer laptop due to entering Acer e-technology and pressing the wrong button. It started to wipe everything. I switched off after a few seconds, but now the laptop does not work. The first message on a black screen was - NTLDR missing. This was eventually followed by a message - file missing or corrupt root\system32\hal.dll Is it possible for me to restore the laptop to XP, or will it require professional reinstall ? The Acer is a spare laptop - I started with a Vista laptop 5 yrs back, and in the last 12 months, having been given the Acer XP, I have learned to use the XP system too. Hoping someone can clarify what my options are. Thanks.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:30 06 May 2015

If you do not have a XP CD or do not have the serial key then you are probably going to have to go back into Acer e -technology and complete the factory restore.

  lotvic 18:44 06 May 2015

Perhaps you can take out the hard drive and hook it up as an extra to another pc and then you'll be able to copy your personal files/data so you don't lose all.

"To start the eRecovery program outside of Windows: When the Acer logo is displayed, press and hold the ALT key while pressing repeatedly the F10 key" rest of instructions and other info on Acer site ClickHere

  geordiefred 12:45 07 May 2015

FruitBat,and lotvic, Thank you both for that useful information. I will try lotvic's remedy first; and it looks like the complete XP installation will be the last resort. There are some XP OS shown on ebay UK, boxed unopened, and with key, etc. I gather that some advertised may not always be safe. From another computer magazine I have downloaded Lazesoft Recovery Suite, but am still feeling my way round that and its sub-menus, but I will try the Acer recovery first. Most files and photos, etc on the Acer have been copied from my Vista via memory stick, CD/DVD, so I can re-install them.
Thanks, and hoping your remedies work for me.

  geordiefred 17:26 11 May 2015

lotvic, The Alt+F10 just would not work at all. However, I found a rescue disk for the Acer, which I had made last year. Booted from that and I eventually restored Acer e-Recovery Management, and getting rid of the black screen with its message of 'file missing or corrupt...etc....."

Going into Recovery Management I did a factory install; and also a backup which I had made with Acer e-Recovery sometime last year. Now when I bootup normally, (using solely the power on/off button)Acer screen shows first, followed by the Windows XP screen, but that lasts only 1-2 seconds, then it goes into e-Recovery Management as though it wants me to do yet another factory install. Switch off and reboot and it goes into the same 'loop' each time. Any suggestion as to how to get out of that and allow Windows to run correctly ?

  lotvic 20:03 11 May 2015

"Going into Recovery Management I did a factory install; and also a backup which I had made with Acer e-Recovery sometime last year"

Did it boot up normally into XP after the factory install? and were you able to input your name and details, time zone etc? and what was the backup - was that just your personal documents, photos etc.?

  lotvic 20:09 11 May 2015

Ah, just had a thought, did you remove the disc, System CD from the CD drive?

it sounds as if it might be booting into it again as per ClickHere number 5.Insert the disc labelled System CD in the optical drive and press ENTER. The system will load from the Acer Recovery Media.

  geordiefred 10:47 16 May 2015

lotvic, Thanks for the help and suggestions. I have managed to get everything back to normal - using the rescue disk I made last year. I tried it earlier in the week, but did not succeed, - probably my inexperience. Tried again Thursday and bingo. I had to download 135 Microsoft updates, including Internet Explorer 8,and the screen is what I was used to. Also the boot time is very fast now and things are running sweetly. Thanks again.

  lotvic 11:03 16 May 2015

If you've got it working and updated and as you want it, Now is the time to do a hard drive image backup to an external HDD so that you will be able to restore without all the hassle and also if your present hard drive packs up you will be able to restore the image to a new hard drive. I use Acronis True Image, but there are other free ones like EaseUs ToDo Backup and Macrium Reflect that many on here use. Google for 'Free drive image software' and as always with free progs, do a custom install so you can untick/deselect and unwanted extras that come bundled with it.

  geordiefred 18:21 16 May 2015

lotvic, I use Macrium Reflect for backups to my Vista, and the rescue disk which I eventually got to work was also a Macrium backup disk. Originally I was backing up Acer XP, with Macrium, to a USB external hard drive, until I realised that the Acer does not boot from USB. I will have to look at the Macrium tutorial to learn how to clone, etc. Thanks.

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