Absolute Nightmare Vista Instal

  superhoops 10:29 08 Apr 2007

My sorry tale:....
The HP Upgrade Assistant disc refused to complete until the third time of trying

The Vista Upgrade disc refused to autostart

Once installed the pc rebooted and I had a black screen

Non stop rundll error messages

Norton Internet Security that was installed by the HP disc disappeared from the notification area and when i got the program on the screen it just threw up error messages

Uninstalled the Norton Internet Security and installed AVG. AVG will not update due to unknown error

Tried to uninstal AVG but told I am not allowed access (despite being the administrator)so cant uninstall it and try something else

Decided to do a system restore to the point of first up and running but hey now (despite being ok before because I checked it) system restore "does not appear to be functioning correctly- the volume shadow copy service is not working"

I wish I had never bothered and had stuck with xp.

  [email protected] 10:49 08 Apr 2007

i have a compaq pc and had random problem after randon problem after doing a vista upgrade, the hp site seem quite uninterested with vista problems i noticed.
it ran much smoother after a clean install, it was much better, but i have gone back to xp as vista just seemed to hold a different headache every week, i shall possibly put it on a second machine after the service pack is out.
i think with vista it depends on which software you use and which hardware you have. it's a lot prettier than xp but with the compatiblity issues was far to limiting at this present time for myself and after 3 months non of my regular programs seem any nearer or interested in improving compatibilty at their end.
try a clean install, and you will need to download a fix from hp that stops the pc locking up when it comes out of sleep (or just change the power buttons to shut down)

  Totally-braindead 11:01 08 Apr 2007

This was the kind of thing the article in PCA a couple of months ago was mentioning.
Most people do not have the knowledge or experience to update their machines OS. And selling PCs with an upgrade to Vista was asking for problems, at least for some.

Even supposing you know a lot about computers in some cases it can prove very differcult and time consumming to get it installed.
And of course theres still the lack of drivers problems.

Having said that I have seen that most people appear to have got it installed and running with only minor problems.
For those who are waiting for their upgrade disks don't think it will be as simple as putting the upgrade disk in and clicking on install. It won't. There will be some issues, many of them minor and easily solved, but there will be problems. If you are in any way hesitant then waiting a couple of months seems to me a sensible precaution to take, at least if you do that hopefully the drivers will be there at least.

I'm running Vista now. I checked what drivers were available before I did it but even then I had problems. The upgrade failed with a load of problems. To be fair to Vista it did tell me what the problems were and offer to fix them, unfortunatly the offer to fix them was just what I said an offer, because Vista couldn't get the drivers needed.

I ended up having to make some changes to my hardware and doing a clean install from the upgrade disk as this was the only way I could get it working. The upgrade kept failing. I had backed up all my documents to an external hard drive before I started as well as written down all websites and email addresses so I haven't lost anything.

I've only been using it since last night and only got Vista as it was a free upgrade, as many of you may know I think the price of the full versions is too expensive.

I wasn't going to install it just now but curiousity killed the cat and I had nothing to do yesterday so went ahead. Took me about 8 hours in all to get it running and updated and I'm working my way through the Windows Vista for Dummies book from my local library just now.
First impressions. Its ok I suppose, haven't tried any programs on it yet, I'm away to do that today. The much talked about Aero interface is not all that wonderful in my opinion. And to be perfectly honest, although its early days, I don't think its that much better than XP. Having seen it now I think that if I had to pay for an upgrade I would be a bit annoyed because in my opinion its not worth it for all the difference. Mind you theres things like the added security features I'm still working my way through. As I said early days.

  skeletal 11:29 08 Apr 2007

Check out my threads...sounds like a normal install to me! Oh, and as I still haven't got half of it working, look out for new threads as well!

As for some help, can you get it to boot in safe mode?

If you can, use msconfig (type it into the search box at the bottom of the Start menu and it should appear at the top, click on the top one). In msconfig you can tick, or clear, all manner of services and programs and thus chose which run at start up. By a process of elimination, you can try to work out which things cause the crash on boot up.

I select half of the items to run; if it starts, I know that the probelm lies in the other half. I then tick half of the problem items until it stops working. And so on for a few hours until you get it starting with most things running.

If you check my post you will see I had (may still have, early days yet!) a problem with "Windows Media Centre Service Launcher".

If I had paid £150 for this I think I would have shot myself by now. In terms of instability and difficulties in getting it to work, we have gone back to the days of Win 95 (IMO of course).


  [email protected] 12:20 08 Apr 2007

i didnt find installing it too taxing, you do what it says on the screen, it was the issues that kept creeping up from other parties, it has been said often it's not microsofts, well it's not mine either, i paid over £200 for my copy, expecting a major improvement on xp, as i said it's prettier and maybe a little more user friendly, but after 2 weeks i had over 50 reported problems in the control panel all being researched, these were mainly hardware problems due to driver issues all well known by the manufactures, now if all this works fine with xp, what am i missing out on not using vista? i seem to have double the available ram my graphics fan only comes on when im gaming, and my games work, all of them.
i can turn on registry lock, parental controls and software behavior with my av, should i want to. and i use set point so i can roll through my running programs, should i want to.

  Totally-braindead 12:49 08 Apr 2007

I think to be fair the story in a years time will be completely different.
What does annoy me, and it was the same when XP came out, is the hardware manufacturers not creating drivers for older hardware.
I remember very well my old scanner did not have an XP driver for it and the manufacturers said because it was an older item they were not creating a driver for it. I'd only had it 2 years!
So if you are faced with this in a few months time, still no driver I mean, then if you do have to buy a new replacement don't buy one from the company that refused to create a driver for your old machine.
I also sent them an email telling them they had lost a customer because of the XP driver issue and because they refused to create a driver I would not be purchasing any of their products again unless they had a rethink. They never replied.
My aging Epson 680 has a Vista driver built in but no driver for the Status Monitor program so I have no idea how much ink is left, rather annoying but at least it still works.
All my other hardware appears to work but I have identified 2 program issues so far.

I'll stick with it for the time being and see if I can sort things out. If not it'll be back to XP for a while.
Away to try loading up a couple of games this afternoon and see what happens with that.

  superhoops 13:07 08 Apr 2007

Well I have run the vista disc again and so far seems a lot better except I tried to create restore point and absolutely nothing happens when I click on system restore.

I have no sound but the Creative website, similar to what Totally-braindead said, says they are not producing Vista drivers for my sound card. More expense coming up!

I wonder whether i got a virus in the time before I got Norton on the pc as both that and AVG refused to update originally and system restore had turned itself off.

Incidentally my original attempt at installing Vista was a clean instal not an upgrade.

  skeletal 19:43 08 Apr 2007

All my problems so far have been with Vista itself, I have yet to start loading all my software. The driver issue is a disgrace, irrespective of who is to blame; I also had to throw away a scanner because XP drivers never became available. It looks horribly like the same thing will happen again, if not for me, for others. In many cases we aren’t talking about old equipment either.


  superhoops 20:00 08 Apr 2007

Well looks like success at last. Having reinstalled Vista it is all running much more smoothly now. Major problems with Roxio Media Creator 9 which, despite being labelled Vista compatible, was a nightmare to get installed but managed in the end.

Shame I have no sound, I think it is disgusting that Creative have openly said on their website that they are not going to produce drivers for the soundcard. I know it is a few years old but hell the thing still works or should I should say.

  [email protected] 20:29 08 Apr 2007

they didnt have drivers for my creative webcam either, i had it at christmas!

  Totally-braindead 20:59 08 Apr 2007

Nero has problems and the protected mode in Internet Explorer is off although when you look at the options its listed as being on. Need For Speed Underground 2 appears to be working, at the moment anyway. Some damn thing keeps trying to connect to the internet at random times and thats annoying. I'm away to turn the autoupdates off in case its that.
The memories of installing XP for the first time are flooding back to me as I type. I think it was better but I did wait a year.
Away to try something else.

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