64bit Vista

  Kate B 20:38 04 Nov 2006

OK, I've got a 64bit processor. Forgive me if this is a dense question but if I go for 64bit Vista, will I still be able to use software like my Adobe CS2 suite, which is obviously 32bit and which I don't want to have to replace? This is something I have not got my head around yet and I would appreciate help on it.

  powerless 21:41 04 Nov 2006

I'm pretty certain the answer is no. Specific 64bit software is needed. We see this today, for example Windows Defender, one for XP SP2 and the other for x64.

Adobe CS2 suite is bigger than WD...

p.s. Look for VMware, VPC2007 or Parallels this should allow you to run it, but you'll need more than 2GB of RAM to do it. That's of course when these 3 apps are Vista compat and a 64bit version is released.

  powerless 21:43 04 Nov 2006


Didn't you downlaoad the 64bit versions of Vista that MS made available?

  Kate B 22:56 04 Nov 2006

Thanks, Powerless, that's what I thought. No, I haven't played with any of the betas - my Windows machine is my main machine and I don't want to mess with betas.

  anskyber 10:37 05 Nov 2006

It seems to depend click here

  anskyber 10:38 05 Nov 2006

Or for the more simple minded like me, click here

  Forum Editor 10:51 05 Nov 2006

use 32bit software in a 64bit hardware environment. You won't get 64bit performance, but I'm sure you accept that.

  anskyber 11:23 05 Nov 2006

I think its the lack of drivers issue for me and Vista not running 32bit drivers IF the second click here from me is correct.

  Forum Editor 12:29 05 Nov 2006

I think that very few users will actually install the 64bit Vista version in any case, because of hardware and software incompatibilities. Certain users will love the 64bit version - graphic designers and autocad users for instance, because of its ability to address huge amounts of RAM.

Eventually we'll all migrate to a 64bit environment, but that's a number of years down the line.......by which time Vista will be reaching the end of its life-cycle.

When you buy Vista you'll get both versions by the way - as I understand it there will be two DVDs in the pack.

  dth 14:42 05 Nov 2006

If it is anything like Linux, if you have a 64bit p/c it will offer to install either the 64 bit or 32 bit versions. If you have a 64 bit p/c you can of course just opt to install the 32 bit version. Depending on what you are doing this will run about 5/10% faster on a 64 bit p/c than a 32 bit p/c.

Depending on how well the Vista 64 bit software is written - you can get up to 30% better performance on heavy duty graphic work or with video conversion stuff.

  Kate B 23:37 05 Nov 2006

Hmm, food for thought. Which would you guys install? My beast is pretty powerful: FX-55, 2GB RAM etc etc.

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